This is the post excerpt.

How many stories rise and set with the sun? Do strangers confide in you, and in your head you’re wondering, “why me?” but you sit to listen anyway. Now, you almost never forget stuff. So you have many stories in your head and you’re wondering “what do I do with them o?”


I finally made a decision. It took a near death experience to figure out; there’s no point hiding or waiting for the right time. After nights of deep thoughts and light sleep, my thoughts were;

 “You love to tell stories, then tell stories like you desire to Nne. Let the world hear your voice; as e be say to comot dey quick tire you…” 

“There’s no time again o” I think to myself, “The time is now!”. My passion to read, study, analyse and plan gets me going but, distractions and procrastination slow me down. Finally, with some discipline; I have started. I’m not going to lie, I’m anxious about this but I look forward to the hopeful adventures that come with it.

Your comments mean a lot to me so feel free to let me know how you feel about any of my stories…. “anyhow e be we go drag am…”😎

(I have a thing for smileys…. take me as I am…☺) First story will drop in a couple of hours. Please tell a friend to tell a friend…. πŸ‘Š #Bless

Author: Nnennaya

In love with creative arts. And living...

19 thoughts on “Memoirs”

  1. Well TBH, would love to read your stories. Cos as a Librarian, am addicted to reading so can’t wait for your stoories. And please can you notify me when new ones come out? Thank you.

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  2. Woow, that was supa dope.. I met u for the first time, we became family, and as small as u was u was a strong woman alrdy.. Ur mind set was dfrnt, ur way of seen life was awesome.. I find it more interesting to know u Berra n know ur story how the transformations took place.. U is just who u are.. U look small but u gat a lioness heart. To take over and build ur own world. Go for it cox u gat all it takes.. Bless u dear. BIG Z

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