Shadé #1


Dry leaves rustle under Pa James’s feet as he approaches the garden in slow, calculated steps. He grips the machete in his right hand tighter, ready to strike. Some quick movements are heard close by “Who goes there?!” he yells; everywhere goes really quiet. Frantically, he points his torchlight in different corners of the garden to check, he sees nothing. His breathing, ragged yet slow…

Slowly, he continues towards the garden. He raises his left elbow to wipe tiny beads of sweat off his forehead, the moonlight beams upon him.  Noiselessly, he feels a strong masculine grip on his shoulder. Pa James shrieks in fear; he swings his machete carelessly in the air…“Yeh! Yeh!!!” he exclaims. Bòdé dodges swiftly with a laugh so soft and calm “Woah, Papa relax…” he says, “you could get yourself killed with that thing Sir” Bòdé’s familiar voice calms the old man. And Pa James places both hands on his knees in relief “Ah! I was hearing strange voices coming from here. What are you doing out here this late Bòdé?” He asks, suspicious. Bòdé smiles, “Meditating. I have some things on my mind Sir.” He says, “hmmm” goes Pa James “I see…” Bòdé places his right hand across the old man’s shoulders and gently spins him away from the garden into the main house with some small talk and a few fake laughs…

Sadé bends her head, disappointed. She didn’t think Pa James would fall for Bòdé so easily. “Just look at that, yet he finds it impossible to even believe me?”  She mutters to herself. She is in this mess because she spoke to him in the first place. Her exact words to Pa James replay in her head; “Daddy, some evil is going on in this house o; and more is about to go down. All I can say is, come to the garden at 2:40 a.m. tonight and see for yourself…” now she has failed. Her only brother will definitely proceed with this madness.

Sadé is worried about the bloodthirsty look in Bòdé’s eyes right before he cut her, she thinks to herself; “He did not even flinch… has he really crossed over to the other side? Could it be the drugs?” She tries to keep her emotions in check, but her nerves can’t take any more of this anger turned madness that Bòdé is becoming. Does he really believe this Saints movement, Or is he just bored? The sharp pain in her side makes her realize there is no time for this deep thinking here.

Blood continues to drip, she stiffens and tries to apply more pressure on the wound. She places her right hand over it for support, and tries to understand how things got this far. Richmond snaps her back to reality with his fingers; “Halloo!” he looks into her face, “Aunty never go far o, come back please, thank you…” She whimpers and bends to her side to show pain, “can I sit by the rocks?” She asks, nicely. Richmond takes pity on her, and leads her to the rocks beside the stream at The Browns’ magnificent Osun estate. “Sit here. You should feel better in a couple of minutes. Try to relax and breathe.” Richmond advises. Sadé nods and plans her escape. She moves slowly towards the edge of the rocks because the moment Bòdé returns, she can kiss all her dreams of escaping goodbye.

Behind her, the artificial stream flows steadily; the waters splash against the rocks, meters away from her Splish!  Splash! Splosh! While 5 Young, vibrant and ambitious men constantly look around the garden to ensure no one escapes. Men she called brothers. She moves quietly towards the edge of the rocks, leaving a blood trail, but they don’t even bother to notice her, their attentions are more focused on the other shawties huddled in a white circle…

Bòdé walks back to the garden with the charisma of a clergyman; always calm. One hand in his pocket, he flashes a cigarette in the other hand. His sinister aura is strong. Sadé locks eyes with him just as she gets to the edge of the rocks. He lets out a crooked smile; and a half-decayed front tooth. Their eyes speak to each other. “The look in his eyes will say all that is to be said…” Sadé thinks. After a few seconds, she drops herself off the edge. “Sadé!! Sadé! No!” Bòdé yells

SPLASH! goes the water as Sadé jumps in. Richmond and Divine also rush to the edge of the rock but it is too late. Bòdé follows them closely. Together, they watch her swim away underwater. Richmond attempts to take his shirt off but Bòdé stops him; “Leave her alone… No one can fight her in there“. He turns around and they follow him.The wound will kill her…” He says and smiles.

Underwater; Sadé glides swiftly, almost like she was never cut. She emerges at the connecting pool in front of the house.  She looks around the front and finds everyone half-dead in sleep. Aunty Maggie and the 3 other security guards appear to be dead-drunk. Like a pro, Sadé manages to get her hands into Aunty Maggie’s breast pocket. She picks out the bunch of keys and noiselessly lets herself into the house and up to her room.

She locks her bedroom door behind her and bolts the door up and down. She locks down all the windows and shuts the curtains before she takes her wet clothes off. She puts off all the lights for safety and heads into the bathroom to treat her wounds. The moon shines brightly on her, as usual, she is grateful for natures help. She looks herself in the mirror and all she can think of is Bòdé and his madness. “Ah, I have failed you, Mummy, I failed you… I’m sorry…” hot tears drop freely on her smooth cheeks…

Nb: #2 will be published next week Sunday. It’s gonna be a weekly stuff…. please let me know how you feel about it… This is d first of many, I look forward to your comments… Have a great day beautiful people…😎

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