Shadé #3


The black Prado Jeep pulls up in front of an abandoned building deep in the woods; an old temple with grey brick walls surrounded by trees and overgrown wall leave. The entire place is covered in cobwebs; Sadé cannot help but wonder how many rituals must have gone down here. She does not like this place.

A bird flies out over her head; she shrieks in fear and ducks to let it fly past. Uncle Ràntí looks straight ahead and around the area. He leads her up the short stairs, “Uncle, where are we?” she asks. His reply “Saint Black’s temple”… Just then, a butt of freshly smoked cigarette drops in front of them. He raises a finger to his lips to shut her up. Swift, He looks around but finds no one; still, he can tell they are not alone. “Stay close, we have company.” He whispers and pulls out his silver 9mm…

Fffwwwwiiiiiiissshhh, a strange wind rushes towards Sadé’s ears. Alert, she moves back in time to save her face from Nina’s blade. The gold blade goes straight into the wall and gets stuck. It shines into Sadé’s eyes. Uncle Ràntí rushes to her side and pulls her by the arm, “stay down but close. Can you do that?” She nods slowly and grumbles on their way up the old staircases, “I hate this new fear of sharp metal. I never had that fear before.” She can feel another’s eyes on her but she cannot see whom or tell where the coward watches from so she says nothing. Uncle Ràntí drops his head to hide a short smile “hahahahaha, you never see anything. Do you not know that something must kill a man/woman?” He says. Sadé is getting weak and her reserved nature wouldn’t even allow her to talk easily, “You know, I had wanted to see if he would do it you know… I was not sure he would” she chooses her words and he decides to probe “did he clear your doubts?” He is being sarcastic. “Why do you want us to have this conversation now Bros?” She asks; “Because now is the best time… we can still talk now at least. I’m sure you know knives don’t fly on their own…” he explains the reality to her with a parable. She smiles, “They have started to kill for no reason. I am not sure if it is boredom or drugs. Truth is I do not know what to think. I had to step up and say something. I’m afraid he will lose it and go wild…” Sadé counts her words…

He remains quiet and she continues. “He said I could not tell him what to do. I threatened to back out and he pulled out a dagger on me. It was like nothing I have ever seen, pitch black. Pure black steel all over, as in, even the details were made with black steel or sprayed black I don’t know.” He cuts her “Black gold.” He says, she repeats after him “Okay, black gold? Wow… no wonder, it had a glow to it.” They approach a small brown door. He remains quiet and she continues, “Richmond and Priyé held me down, he flashed the knife in my face and told me this would be the end of me. I told him he knew he could not and he said he would do it twice.” She reduces her pace to match Uncle Ràntí’s. “Hmm, and he did?” He asks in rhetoric, “Richmond told me about the knife yesterday evening.” She continues, “Now, we are even” she does not see the next question coming. “Where una see to discuss for day time? Have the rules changed in Pa James mansion?” Uncle Ràntí probes on and she goes numb. She feigns tiredness to dodge the question “Ah, this steps dey turn me eye o…” she says and he smiles.

Few steps away from the door, Uncle Ràntí stops. He points his index finger down and Sadé goes flat on the ground ignoring the cut. There is absolute silence all around. “There’s 2 of them, can you feel them?” she whispers. Uncle Ràntí’s yells, “COWARD! SHOW YOURSELF”. They wait for a few seconds, nothing… From different corners, tiny knives are expertly thrown at them “Stay down.” He orders. They hide and the knives fall bluntly to the ground. Uncle Ràntí fires three shots in the dark; at the direction where some of the knives chose to fly out from. Gbooommm; a heavy thud lands on the road.

Sadé’s eyes follow the falling specks of dust to behold a woman covered in an aqua-marine cloak. She has got the swag of a goddess. A white mask covers her nose and mouth leaving just her eyes and ears open. She looks at Uncle Ràntí with vengeance in her eyes. He fires another shot at her, she escapes. With very little effort, she runs wild along the walls, jumping with every stride. In less than 30 seconds, she stands in front of him, her blade shines inches away from his throat. He is stunned. They stare at each other for a little while before he summons the courage to say “hi stranger…” He says. “Hi?” She asks, her mask does not move “Something is clearly wrong with you” she says. Uncle Ràntí takes some steps back and bumps into Sadé. Sadé tries to stay down but she cannot help herself. She tries to survey the situation of things.

She looks up to find herself looking into the loveliest aquamarine eyes she has ever seen both in pictures and in real life. The strange eyes bear down on her, she tries to move or speak but she cannot…

“Please Bòdé, I beg you with God….” slush goes the dagger. Bòdé slices her throat in one swift move. The lifeless body of the shawty drops to the ground, blood gushes in uncontrollable pumps and Bòdé feasts on the fear of the 3 other shawties. It is time for judgment and Prince Bòdé is dishing them out… “Which kind wahala pesin enta so?” Richmond thinks aloud as he arranges the body bags. “It is the night of the full moon.” Bòdé addresses them; “Saint Black’s movement is not for the weak. Tonight he shall feast on the fears of the weak. Our voices must not only be heard but also felt. Emphasis on F-E-L-T…” He walks over to the second victim and something strange happens, He looks into her face closely and his hand begins to shake. He is shaking. He steps back and rubs his eyes gently, they look vulnerable. Suddenly, the dagger drops to the ground.  It is almost like he just got possessed with something; he picks the dagger up and brings it close to her face, she stiffens. Trembling, she doesn’t say a word. He raises the dagger high up in the air, the girl shuts her eyes to await death’s blow. Lightning strikes. Bòdé stops himself mid-air, he notices the silhouette of a man sitting on the rocks, the rest of the 5 wonders what is going on. Together they look in the direction of the rocks. They also see the silhouette. The entire garden begins to panic, quietly…


Nina takes off her cloak to cover Sadé “Relax. My name is Nina, I’m the Guardian of this temple. I can see your pain but I don’t trust your guide. However, let us see what we can do for you shall we…”  Uncle Ràntí’s hands are held down by impressively strong hands, invisible hands across the room in the middle of what looks like an altar. He cannot see them but he can feel them… Nina takes Sadé by the hand and minutes later, Sadé finds herself at one corner of another inner room, motionless. She is mesmerized; “What is going on?” She thinks aloud. The altar in front of her has 4 short and fat pillars, one could mistake them for chairs. She has been here before, in one of her dreams. She remembers vividly, but that particular dream did not end well…

The most beautiful lady Sadé has ever seen in all of her life, walks up to the altar and stands in front of her. Sadé is motionless what is this happening?… the beautiful one raises one hand to her shoulder to undress herself, the gown drops and her beauty is revealed to the 6; Nina, Sadé, Uncle Ràntí and the 3 guards by the door…  Hmmm, Sadé is in for a show…

Author: Nnennaya

In love with creative arts. And living...

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