Shadé #4 R18

#4 [ꓣ18]

Qwik-queeeeakkk echoes in the hallway as things get really intense in Room 421. Even Freda cannot help but reduce her steps as she walks past the room; “Hmmmm Thank God for soundproof doors o. if not this people for taking noise to pursue everybody comot for this hotel…” she mutters to herself as she parks her trolley in front of Room 420. “Oooh-Aaah,  baby please, go easy, pleeease….” the pleas from the lady in the room excites Freda. She covers her mouth in excitement “Ada must hear dis…” She cannot seem to mind her business. She looks to her left and right, checking to see if anyone was coming. She pulls out her phone and activates the voice recorder, she places it on the floor beside the door, “for live coverage” she says to herself…

She pulls out the key to the room from her hip pocket, opens the door, and bends to grab a few towels and new toiletries. Half her body in the room, she uses the bucket to stop the door from shutting itself. She walks into Room 420 and a strong stench of Marijuana hits her hard. “Tamuno eh!” She exclaims and grabs her nose immediately “Na wa o! Na Rastafari’s lodge here?” she asks aloud. She helps herself to a bottle of liquid spray from the trolley outside and begins to spray it in the air…


Aunty Maggie grips the sheets in the heat of their lovemaking. She is fond of expressing her lust and satisfaction with words but Bòdé does not look impressed. All he wants is information on Sadé’s whereabouts, the dream he had last night was too real. ‘She could not have survived’; He is sure Aunty Maggie knows something and he plans to get it out of her. The look on his face is stern and manly. His cheekbones merge; strong and pronounced with every thrust. She is lost in her world of lust right now; even though she knows that all he wants is to come and get this over with.

“Oh Bòdé, please don’t stop! I’m yours forever…” Abrupt! He stops and stares at her for a few seconds. She feigns confusion. With a blank stare, he sets her straight; “if you do not stop talking nonsense, I’m off.” He says. She stares back at him and tries to suppress a smile. “I mean it!” He says. She looks the other way and rolls her eyes. Bòdé is taken aback; “did you just roll your eyes at me?” He asks. He lifts her up and turns her around to have her behind in his face, “you are about to be punished…” he informs her. She likes it when he gets like this, but this time, unknown to her, she is in for a surprise, THE SURPRISE OF HER LIFE…

The smile on her face disappears the moment she feels a cold metal against her neck. “Bòdé wh-what what is the meaning of this?” She stutters, he pulls her hair back to bring her in on the harsh reality of things… “I have had more than enough of YOU.” He says. “Bòdé put the knife down let’s talk.” she protests softly. “Shhhh, this is the way I want to talk!” He says; a cold smile on his face. “Ever since I can remember you have been telling me what to do. You fucked up my sex life Mag.” He pauses briefly; “I agree, you were hot then. But right now, the only thing that won’t stop me from killing you today is if you tell me what I want to know.” Aunty Maggie’s hands begin to shake uncontrollably. She is faced with her own creation, “Anything you want, is yours” She replies. “Good.” He smiles. He turns her around to look into her eyes then he asks “Where is Sadé?” Aunty Maggie’s face goes cold…


Sadé opens her eyes to the gold ceiling fan and white painted walls and ceiling. The fan blades chase each other slowly and she tries to understand where she is and what must have happened. She tries to turn her head and body when she realizes she cannot even move. She tries to raise her head to look around her. After 2 failed tries, she manages to lift her head, she is stuck. She notices a stranger’s eyes over her “You are awake…” she says with an encouraging smile, “relax and try not to move. I will be back shortly.”

The strange beauty leaves the room and returns shortly with Nina and a small white spot… Sadé is in awe. She watches Nina empty the contents of the pot all around her ‘bed’. Immediately the glue begins to melt. Sadé feels a tingling reaction all over her body as the entire ice bed melts away. She falls to the ground and realizes there are other people in the room; 3 girls and 2 young men. She is in awe. The strange girl offers her a white towel; “You will need this.” She says. Just then. Sadé realizes she is completely nude. “Seriously?!” She exclaims and covers herself up quickly with the renewed strength of a 15-year-old…

“What is this place?” Sadé asks Nina. “The answer to your question is outside these walls. Come with me” Nina replies and offers her hand to Sadé with a smile. Reluctantly Sadé takes it and Nina smiles. She leads her towards the door…


The front desk is busy as Pa James signs out of the hotel. His hat barely shows his face. He exits the hotel and enters into the passenger side of the yellow and black painted rickety taxi parked outside. After a few seconds, the taxi drives out of the hotel and onto the highway without raising any suspicions.

Freda exits room 420 and bumps into Ada in the hallway. Ada asks, “Where have you been? I have called your phone twice now.” Freda smiles. She picks up her phone gently to respond; “hmmm my sister, what my ears have seen and heard today ehn. God help us…” Ada is confused, “Freda, what are you talking about?” She asks. Freda decides to show off “I don’t have the strength to talk. I go play am for you…” She replies. Ada laughs “Radio Africa! Wonderful! Please I want to hear o.” Freda pulls her away to play the recording, the trolley is still stationed in front of Room 420…



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