Shadé #5


Nina pushes her palm into a side of the wall and a passage opens up. She urges Sadé to go in. Sadé is reluctant at first but she does. She is in awe at the scenery in this place; it is undoubtedly the most beautiful arcade she has ever pictured in plenty of her dreams. The marks and drawings on the wall seem like they are a part of one big story. Ever observant, Sadé looks up to find an aquarium in the ceiling, “Are we underwater?” She asks the tone of her voice, edgy. Nina replies with a soft laugh. “Hahaha that’s a first.” She says. Sadé is confused. “I don’t understand you.” She manages to reply as she tries to remain calm. Nina explains; “you are the 3rd person that has not said ‘Oh! Wow this is amazing…” seeing this for the first time.” She mimics the voice of a naive little girl and Sadé laughs a soft laugh. She is fully recovered and stronger.

Suddenly, her palms get sweaty. She can feel her so close it is uncomfortable. Sadé stops to question Nina; “What do I call you?” she asks. Nina smiles and looks away to response; “Nina”. Sadé asks another question. “What does your name mean?” “Shining Stone.” Nina answers. “Hmmm” Sadé thinks to herself; they continue walking. Nina continues “my duty is to shine the light and direct people like you on to your path.” Sadé throws her a questioning look, “You only shine the light?” She asks; nervous. Nina smiles an understanding smile “Yes, my dear. I only shine the light. It’s another’s duty to guide you.” She looks deep into Sadé’s eyes and continues to speak “I believe you two are quite familiar with each other already.” Sadé tries to hide her anxiety but her body gives her away; “Are you hot?” Nina asks, concerned. Sadé replies boldly, with a soft smile. “I am telling you. I’m sweating in places I can’t even describe…” Nina bursts out laughing, she didn’t see that reply coming.

They get to the end of the hallway and Nina stops, “Àdùkè mi, you will be fine on your own from here… she is waiting for you on the other side”. Sadé stops; her feet get cold immediately. Nina tries to soothe her fears. “Relax. There is no water behind these doors. Only surprises. Just be you. And remain confident no matter what.” Sadé nods and anxiously rubs her palms together. She walks close to the dark grey door, places her left hand on the knob and the feelings intensify within her in a way she has never felt it before. “Oh Lord give me strength…” She mutters to herself and pushes the door open. Her bare feet land on slightly moist but polished earth. The power surge that she feels in her body at this point is really strange and new. Sadé is mesmerized at the view in front of her. She tries to take it all in…


Young Sam pays valuable attention to his treasured beard. He combs it continuously in the mirror. His brown bow tie, sharp and well textured. The portrait view in the mirror complements his rather small frame. The 42 inches LED TV on the wall, displays live security feed from all the CCTV cameras in Hotel-X. The pace of his combing slowly reduces noticing a rather interesting detail on the TV, from the mirror. “You don’t say” he exclaims, in deep sarcasm. Smartly, he zooms into the disturbing feed. “Imagine. No just négodu…” with a hiss, he storms out of his office leaving his comb on his table.

The dark red lipstick runs slowly across Ivie’s lower lip. She gives the lips a little smack for emphasis. Her cleavage in the red dress is beyond amazing. She arranges her purse and stuffs 3 bundles of cash neatly into it. With a final look in the mirror, she grabs the blue card from the dressing table and lets herself out of Room 421. Right outside the door, she cannot help but notice the impressive but small man who walks briskly past her. He’s clad in a white short-sleeved shirt, blue straight chinos trousers, and bright yellow suspenders. The brown and textured bow tie, extra shiny black shoes and multi-colored socks throw her off course. He walks up to 2 of the hotel staff some meters away from her and begins to scolds them. Ivie finds this interesting, she stalls to listen in on the situation…

“I hope both of you have functional brains?” Young Sam lashes out at Ada and Freda. Both ladies are caught huddled in a corner, sharing earphones. “Yes?! Why wasn’t I invited to this meeting?” He asks. Freda shrieks in fear. Ada manages to keep her cool. “S-ss-siiirr” stutters Freda. Young Sam responds calmly “How about you unplug the earphones so we can all be amused together…. how about that?” Ivie finds this hilarious and stalls quietly to watch the drama unfold. She opens her purse and acts like she’s checking for something. “Do not push me, Freda!” He barks. Reluctantly, she hands him the phone. Young Sam unplugs the earphones and the red chinko phone screams, “ooooh Richmond please slow down… ooooh, aaaahhh please don’t stop…” Ivie’s purse drops in shock. It alerts Young Sam and his staff. Slowly, she bends, picks up her purse and strides out majestically…

Embarrassed, Young Sam hands the phone back to Freda. Shaking, she tries to put the phone off but it won’t go off. He speaks to her in a low tone “madam, don’t make me break that thing. Put it off! And see me in my office.” He walks away. “Both of you!” He reiterates loudly without looking back.

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