Shadé #7


Bodè drops his bag pack for a minute. The view around this place has him in awe. “Saint Black’s temple….” he says. His eyes wander about the place, rocks tower high above the woods overlooking the temple. It is nothing like he had always imagined. Exhausted, he drops to his knees but his face lights up like that of an excited toddler at the sight of ice cream…

Carefully, he spreads out a mat; unzips his bag and extracts a small brown purse. He pulls out a lighter from his left pocket and speaks slowly to himself “Yes it’s time for treats. Where are my specials?” He pulls out a really tiny torchlight purple bottle and a tiny white bottle with broken crystals in it. He fondles his right pocket and brings out a tiny transparent tube. He fits them nicely into the tube and pulls out a lighter… After a few drags, he pulls out a bottle of soda from his bag and a tiny sachet of blue pills. He pops 3 pills into his mouth and sips some of the soda… He lights the tube up with a silver lighter and indulges himself in a few long drags. His eyes are fixed on the temple.

After a brief moment, he stands up slow and confident. He begins to take off every piece of clothing he has on, one after the other. He pulls out a black bodysuit from the bag and suits himself up placing the plastic bag in his chest. He zips up his suit and hits the pipe some more. With repeated deep breaths, he preps himself.

He saunters to the edge of the cliff and with a smile on his face, he looks down upon the harsh waters that surround the temple to keep it away from wanderers and intruders. They are uninviting. Without as much as a second glance, Bodè dives into the waters like an expert… Splish! He falls into the depths of the waters and beyond…



Pa James stands in the garden, his back faces the entrance as he stares away into the empty sky. His demeanor is calm and worrisome. He is trying to make sense of the situation in his home. “What is all this? What have I done wrong?” He asks aloud. “Betty, Betty,” He continues; tears well up in his eyes. “My beautiful Betty, you left me alone to sort this wicked world out all by myself. See now, I am confused. I’m lost without you my muse. They took you away from me; now everyone expects me to be the spiritual one when it was always you Betty,” he looks around the estate “You did all this Betty. You! And I never acknowledged any of it until you were taken from me… Oh Betty,” Pa James breaks down slowly. “Betty I miss you…” he sobs quietly until the sound of the ladder against the wall gets his attention. Pa James looks up to find Richmond climbing up into Mummy Betty’s bedroom through the back window; he is astonished. He does not move, he quietly watches him and bends his head to sob some more…



Sadé is in a world of her own. She takes her on a tour around the groove. “Is that an island?” Sadé asks, curious. “Yes, it is…” She replies. “Nice” Sadé wanders around excited; she never thought she would be so happy to see this part of her life. She allows her to wander away like a child.

Sadé stops herself right at the entrance of the pool, she is tempted to take a swim but anxiety would not let her. She does not like that and she shows it. “Does the water scare you?” She asks “No… not really.” Sadé stutters. “Then why do you stop yourself?” She asks.

Sadé’s palms begin to sweat, “I cannot swim” she lies. She is bent on giving Sadé her first lesson so she smiles. “It is bad enough that you limit yourself, why do you lie? Or are you just ignorant like Ràntí.”  She asks and Sadé’s face goes cold. She loses her smile. “You know Uncle Ràntí?” Sadé is frantic. She smiles “shhh, do not worry over nothing, rather prepare. Brace yourself for what is to come.” She says. Sadé cannot comprehend her advice. Before she can say jack, Bodè appears from the beneath the pool. Sadé steps back in shock… Classic Bodè, he triggers his manipulative side the moment he notices Sadé is more surprised than he is to find her. Always taking advantage of the situation.

“Oh, see my Chinese.” He says with a smirk on his face. He walks over to her; saying words to stir her insides with his every move. “You forget I am your one and only. Ehn? My baby, why?” Sadé is stunned, she takes a step back to avoid him. She is not ready to face him but she manages to keep a straight face. “Where you dey go?” He continues, “You are mine. You can’t run away from your fears. I own you Òrisadé mi, you forgot?” Hot steamy tears begin to well up in Sadé’s eyes, she says nothing… Bòdé’s confidence begins to rise. He allows himself gloat in pride. “You forget so easily my baby. You forget so quickly how it felt when you gave yourself to me?” She stops herself in her tracks and he strokes her face with his fingers, “You think you can take it away from me!” He asks. WHAM! Bodè lands a hot slap across her face and Sadé staggers a little. He deals her another one, she falls. She stands and he tries to hit her again; she blocks it. Infuriated, they engage in a brawl.

Surprised at her new strength, Bodè unzips his suit and unveils his plastic bag. Before he gets the chance to grab it, Sadé hits the bag away. Bodè looks at her with a different kind of rage in his eyes, he grabs her by her neck and pins her to the ground. Her throat hurts. She fights back, almost helplessly until a gunshot reverberates and gets the attention of the entire groove. GBAM! “Bodè, why don’t you like to pick on someone your size?” They turn around to find Uncle Ràntí sitting on a log of wood, shirtless. His 9mm in one hand and Bòdé’s plastic bag in the other. Sadé’s Joy knows no bounds…

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