Shadé #8


Bòdé stares at her as he has just seen a ghost. Sadé has never seen him look so stiff and scared in all the time that she has come to know him. She takes advantage of the distraction to push Bòdé off from her. Uncle Ràntí unzips the brown pouch and empties the contents onto the white earth beneath their feet. She catches a glimpse of Saint Black’s dagger, it lands against Uncle Ràntí’s feet, she is pleased.

Uncle Ràntí picks it up and Bòdé breaks a sweat, trembling “Wha-How are you even alive? I thought I finished you off…” Bòdé fires at him. Sadé’s jaw drops. Uncle Ràntí smiles; “You thought wrong my boy.” “I am not your boy!” Bòdé refutes. Uncle Ràntí stands slowly to display the scars on his chest and left side; he continues to speak “Clearly… You should have ripped my heart out that night when you had the chance. That is the only way to stop a man like me.” Sadé is confused. Bòdé shakes his head slowly as if to ward off a bad thought. “This is not right. It’s impossible. I watched you die.” He says and Sadé’s patience wears thin. “What night?” She asks. “The night he killed Mummy Betty.” Uncle Ràntí replies. Sadé goes cold, she does not understand what she just heard. She turns to question Bòdé. She looks him dead in the eye “Is this true?” She asks, unsure of what to believe. Bòdé senses the rage and fury in her eyes and drops his head in mock shame. “Look at me when I’m talking to you young man…” Sadé whispers. Her rage builds slowly. Bòdé looks at her, “if you can believe that, you can believe anything…” he says. Quietly, she scrutinizes him for a moment. “Hmmm, you know what is funny?” She asks, rhetoric; “your eyes say one thing but your words say another. Tell me the truth Bòdé Brown; is any of this true?”

Bòdé realizes he has been cornered and decides to manipulate the situation. “Instead of asking me that stupid question, find out from Mr. Perfect here what was really going on between him and mother. Ask him why she always spent more time with him than I, her own son! Ask him!” Sadé’s eyes turn red slowly…


Richmond pulls out a gold ATM card from his wallet and separates the white powder on the table into 4 slim lines. He does this with an incredibly high degree of focus. Gently, he pulls up the tiny straw from beside the table and sniffs the first 2 lines simultaneously. He gives the lines a break for a minute and throws his neck back. After a while, he lights up his golden pipe and settles into the thick clouds of smoke that he puffs out from his mouth. After 3 puffs, he takes a sip from the bottle of water beside him.

Unconsciously, he looks back to find Pa James standing by the bathroom door, staring at him. Lost for words, he sits still. He has no idea what to do. Pa James walks up to him with tears stained eyes “Evening Dad” He manages to ask rather boldly. So bold, Pa James is forced to provide him with an answer. He is also confused; “Hi. I can’t sleep.” He announces and strides into Mummy Betty’s bathroom to join Richmond; for the first time since her death. He looks around, he is pleased to find it clean and neatly arranged. He sits by the table beside Richmond, “Does this help you forget?” He points to the white lines. Richmond smirks in response “No sir.” He hands him the pipe “This does…” Pa James motions for the pipe and Richmond hands it to him. He points at the lighter and lights up the pipe. Pa James helps himself to a long drag. He coughs aloud. Richmond hands him the bottle of water. “Easy Dad, this one is not snuff o. This is loud…” Richmond says. Pa James begins to cough…

Pa James takes time to relax before he speaks “These children. What is loud about this?” Richmond smiles “Daddy don’t worry, you will soon find out…” Pointing to the lines, Pa James asks “And this one? At least, I know the name. If it does not help you forget, what then does it do for you?” Richmond keeps a straight face “How do you think I’m able to remain confident after you’ve caught me in such a compromising position Dad?” He replies. Pa James burst out laughing. Richmond is not sure whether to join in on the laugh or not so he decides to leave it at a semi-broad smile…


Nina shows up to save the day. Swish goes the wind as her boomerang sweeps past them. It hits Uncle Ràntí’s hands and returns with Saint Black’s dagger stuck to it. Sadé’s eyes follow the boomerang to the top of the trees and she notices Nina there adorned in a white ensemble. Uncle Ràntí’s crushes all of Bòdé’s tiny bottles with his feet. Bòdé’s eyes blazed in anger. He begins towards Uncle Ràntí and Sadé stops him in his tracks. A strange calmness in her voice; “You are pathetic. Do you know that? How do you even sleep at night?” She asks. He does not respond. Her tone changes to a somewhat harsh textured one. “Why did you do it?” She asks. “To punish Father.” Bòdé replies. “To punish them both. Look, I am not sorry I did it. It felt okay for them to send me away from home at age 9. Continents away, and with Aunty Margaret?” He says her name with so much disgust. “You have no idea how lonely those 12 years of my life were. No one does! Then I get back and I find my mum is always with you!?” he points at Uncle Ràntí. “You are MAD!” Sadé exclaims and Bòdé turns to face her… “What did you just say to me?” He asks. She replies almost immediately “I say YOU ARE MAD Bòdé. IN-S-A-N-E!!!” Bòdé grabs her by her neck and lifts her up, she does not fight back. He gives her neck a tight squeeze and speaks to her “And you are not? No, actually you’re not. You are delusional. I always knew you were trouble that was why I raped you. I wanted to stain you but now that I see you in this white dress, all I want to do is kill you…” The 9mm goes off once more, this time it’s not fired in the air. Sadé feels Bòdé’s grip loosen and she notices the bloodstains on her white dress. Uncle Ràntí fires 2 more times and Bòdé drops slowly to the ground…

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