Shadé #9


“I always knew you were the one Sadé. From the moment I first laid eyes on this your Chinese face. I knew it was not any of the other 9. It just had to be you… my nemesis” Bòdé speaks slowly. He drifts away and she knows it. She lifts his head up to take in all his words and Sadé finds herself in a dilemma. She is clueless. Believing this one is a waste of time… “Move away from him Sadé.” Uncle Ràntí’s voice seeps through her ears; Sadé is not in a good place. She rises from her kneeling position and her rage decides to break free; it bursts through her like a ticking time bomb. Tree branches in her path bellow under her feet. One step at a time, she crushes them in her stride. She picks up a huge stone with two hands and walks back to Bòdé. She stands over his body, looks down on him and lifts the stone high above her head. Fear and shock is written all over Bòdé’s face; ‘o boy’ She go fit?’ He thinks to himself.  Uncle Ràntí stands beside Sadé to calm her down but it is a little too late. She lands the stone, hard and unexpected on Bòdé. All Sadé can see is red… like a smoothie maker, she smashes his head some more. She cannot stop. Uncle Ràntí looks away from the bloody sight. He cannot believe his eyes.

“ENOUGH!” Nina yells. The groove reverberates…


Young Sam walks into the hotel lobby looking like a joker. He is clad in a red suit and cream color shoes. His blue Ankara bow tie extends to his mid-chest region. Ada stands to acknowledge his presence at the front desk. His eyes look over her body repeatedly. “So where were you some days ago?” He asks. Ada stands straight, confident and polite “I was at work, sir. I clocked out at the regular time” She replies. She maintains eye contact with him, he does not like that. “I have told you time without number when you want to greet me or talk to me, do not look into my eyes.” He scolds. “Where should I look sir?” she asks. Young Sam is insulted by her boldness but decides to handle it at another time. “I will deal with you later, I’m not sure I have time for this now.” He says. On his way to managers’ office, he bumps into Freda. “How are you?” He asks. Freda replies, reluctant, “I’m fine Sir.” He looks over her behind lustfully. “Let me see you in my office at lunch” He commands. Freda does not understand but she nods to say yes…


She resurfaces and the entire groove is charged. Sadé tries to calm her spirits but it is too late. Uncle Ràntí’s eyes tell her to stay down but her blood boils uncontrollably; she cannot seem to contain herself. She looks down to find her white dress covered in thick blood; what have I done? She asks herself. She had no idea how far her anger grew like that…

She scolds Sadé “What has come over you Àdùkè mi. You cannot comport yourself?  You had to allow him access to you so easily like that?” Sadé fires back “So now because you feel you know me, you’re thinking you’ve earned the right to play the mother?” Sadé loses every ounce of self-control and lashes out “You were there when this one (points at Bòdé’s lifeless body) killed my ma and you could not warn her? Of what use are you then, really? She always spoke so highly of you yet you allow her own son to take her life? You allowed him to put her husband in a state of total confusion, her children, thrown apart… Where were you?! When my own brother raped me repeatedly, every night for weeks. Why did you watch me endure nights of horror? Yet you claim to love me?” Sadé sneers. “If nobody is going to ask you questions, I will ask you…” She warns Sadé softly “young lady, watch your tone when you talk to me.” Sadé rebukes her “No level!  Forget it, forget your level. I can’t stand you just so you know!”  Her countenance changes from calm to blazing hot. Her eyes give her away. She yells and the earth reverberates in response to her cry. The water rises slowly and her lower body gets exposed to the entire groove slowly. Sadé’s palms begin to sweat profusely, her tongue is suddenly tied… Swiftly, she raises herself high above the pool and hits her tail on the surface of the water, sending Sadé and everyone else farther into the groove…

Author: Nnennaya

In love with creative arts. And living...

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