Ezeama’s legs almost fail him, the thick red earth is extra moist under his feet. He climbs the mango tree ahead in barely 5 seconds and finds himself a nice spot to hide away from the world. He rubs his sweaty palms in anxiety, his sick mother’s face continuously flashing through his mind, “this is for her” he tells himself. The doctors have refused to commence treatment until they get the N 70, 000 deposit; “Stay focused.” He tells himself. He sights Kachi’s red shirt running towards him from a distance, his view on top of the tree is amazing. Just as he prepares to jump down, a strange thing happens. He sights something like a robot, equally moving very fast, towards them. “hmmmm, what is that?” he can’t believe his eyes. Quickly, he climbs down the tree and runs towards Kachi. Kachi sees him coming and doubles up his speed to meet up with Ezeama in quick time. Getting close to each other, Kachi throws the necklace at him and runs into the nearby bush path to catch his breath. Ezeama runs back to the mango tree and maintains his initial position. His instincts tell him to stay put and he listens…

Kachi turns around to run away from some strangers approaching him on top speed. He hears the largely strange but intriguing sound “Vroooommmm, the non-stop vibrations from the ground makes him loose composure. He panics and sprains his left ankle… Still trying to run, Kachi doesn’t realize he’s slowing down until he finds the lights of the white beast shining brightly behind him; the 12 year old is very scared. Nkechi pulls her helmet off and he is stunned. “This lady? No way! I just snatched her necklace for goodness sake!” he thinks to himself. Nkechi decides to ask him some questions, unknown to her, the young man has barely caught his breath. “Where is my gold?” no response. “I’m talking to you”, Kachi lifts his hands in shock. “What’s your name?”, before Nkechi can get a response, the overly excited mob rush at Kachi and begin to land him deadly blows. Nkechi tries to stop them, they shove her out of the way. It’s wild, she has never seen anything like this. “LEAVE HIM ALONE!” she screams at the top of her lungs, they don’t listen to her.

Okechukwu arrives the scene in a semi-monster truck, the toys Chief Dike and his children like to play with are rare and pricey. He rushes towards his beloved sister “IB wassup?” he asks with his usual composure. “Ask them, no get them to leave him alone!” she cries. Okechukwu set to do exactly that. He pulls off his belt and begins to wipe the angry mob drastically. The people feel the wrath of the Louis Vuitton leather on their skin and immediately give way. In a matter of minutes, he scatters the angry mob and rescues the numb Kachi. The teenager is already unconscious. High up the mango tree, Ezeama’s eyes are swollen from shedding too many tears, he takes in every detail of the mass beating Kachi just received “Oh God, obodo egbuola nu Kachi o” (translates- The Community has killed Kachi o) his anger slowly rising “For what kwanu? The necklace of a brat?! People that already have more money they could ever need.” tears drop freely from his face as he watches the entire action. The entire scene is packed, he does not bother to move. The young man is pained…

Okechukwu lifts Kachi from the ground, the teenager’s body is a mix of colors right now. Red from the blood, brown from the sand and wet from excessive sweating. The teenager looks battered, he is unconscious. Nkechi freaks out. she gets off the bike and starts to yell angrily at the people, “Savage! This is pure savage! No, just look at what they did to a human being now, Oke? No, you just see now! Tell me if this one is not madness?!” she pauses to catch her breath briefly “Okay now, did you get anything from him as you were killing him? The gold sef una no even ask am. Just begin load the poor boy anyhow! For what!” She rebukes them bitterly.

She’s so upset, she continues to rant as Oke loads unconscious Kachi onto the truck. “You beat up a defenseless teenager only to find NOTHING?!” Her light skinned face begins to turn red, she “How do you feel? Just tell me?” She tries to hide a tear. “Na dem dey commit o, no talk like that…” echoes a voice from the crowd; Nkechi ignoresthe remark. Okechukwu walks over to her and grabs her shoulders tightly, “Pull yourself together! Let’s get the young man to the hospital” he whispers in her right ear. “Where’s the nearest hospital?” Nkechi asks loudly, “Med Center, Ukwuoji! 15 minutes from here” comes a voice from the crowd. Another voice cuts in, “Ah, dis one pass Med Center o. This is FMC case, no even worry yasef!” the stout looking young man few steps away from Nkechi speaks. “Na only BP dem sabi check for Med center.” He continues. “Ok so where the FMC come dey?” she asks, impatient. “It’s almost one hour from here” the young man answers. “WHAT!” Nkechi screams “Oke, put this boy on my bike please” She pleads,  “Calm down, How you wan do am?” He asks, “Get into the truck instead.” He orders her. “No.” she refuses, Nkechi, just too stubborn. “I’ll ride along side.” She negotiates, already locking her helmet tight on her head. “Okay. Stay on the phone please. Follow us please so you can show us the FMC.” Okechukwu says calmly to the young man who gave the directions, he helplessly climbs onto the truck. Arguing with Nkechi is not even an option, he places a call to her, she picks up and says nothing. They drive out of the scene and onto the road in quick succession. Nkechi is already punching the address on to her map for directions. Her earpiece plugs are tight in her ears, she turns on the engine giving the ground some mini vibrations as she moves the white B3ast. Okechukwu drives out, his hazard lights on. Nkechi follows closely and places herself beside him, she revs the engine and the pretty B3ast roars; to the excitement of everyone present. “Chai lekwa nu anya, vroom vroom…” one of the onlookers says he’s so excited. Some of them begin to chase after the bike, staring at it in awe and cheering. Everyone is dazzled. Call it the POWER-BIKE EFFECT. “This people should stop. It’s 2018 for goodness sake” she mutters to herself. “Tell that to your father and his friends” Okechukwu replies her from the other end of the phone. She says nothing “God please let this boy live” she prays silently in her heart…


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