“Respect who get, but fear who no get, na hin be your matter. ” John scolds Aunty Ogbenyealu, “because I don see say, na only where money dey you dey like.” She’s not quite sure what to make of the conversation, she ignores him. “I know say you go throway face, no worry I came prepared. All those other men for compound, dem no follow for your papa children? Why e be say na only for this my oga and him family side you dey like clinch every time?”. Aunty Ogbenyealu won’t let that slide, “Meaning what? John!” She raises her voice.

“See no dey shout for me abeg, na man I be. Put some respect on my status please” He demands. She is taken aback, ” All wetin I dey try talk be say, Your clinching character bad, try to be a person of your own. All your secrets dey my hand o, make you know… No forget say na me dey drive dis man up and down” He winks, she bites her finger. “Change ya ways!” He says; she pouts. John’s walks close to the wall “na God go help you last last” he says.


Ezeama is not quite sure if this is a movie, fate or the devil. “Could this mean that Kachi is in this hospital?” He thinks to himself. In front of him Chief Mrs. and the lady on the white powerbike sit together in a tight embrace; she hasn’t gotten over the shock and he can tell. He looks away from them to distract himself at intervals. Kachi’s recovery will spell doom for me… he thinks.


The yellow goodie bags do not excite the children especially Olanna, the fierce 13 year old with very promising eyes. Ndubuisi lashes out, “You see, I told you buy something new for this children, buy pizza. You won’ listen. Now see. They’re not touching it”. “We are not touching it because we have no appetite Sir.” Olanna replies, cold. Anorue throws a harsh look at his manager. “What can I do to make it up?” He asks, “Give us time.” Olanna responds. He always listens to her…

Author: Nnennaya

In love with creative arts. And living...

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