The rains came this morning with a reminder,  a beautiful reminder, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME, NWANYI’OCHA- The Blog- is one (1) this month. Hurray! In commemoration of this beautiful reminder, I wanna share a story on how it all began…

Every day of my life is always like a movie, if the clapper board is not in front of me directly, it’s definitely in front of those my heart beats for.  I look back at the journey today and the memories sting, ever fresh. I was recovering from that life changing Saturday, the Saturday that made me. It was the final week of March 2017, the mental and emotional stress has eaten me up real bad, I weighed a measly 49 on the scale. That Saturday, my back touched the ground in one swift fall. But for Stephen, I’d have had a few stitches underneath my dreads today…

D Baybiepanda insisted, “you need to get out of here” and I listened. Thank God. She saved me. I look back at the past fifty two (52) weeks and tears of gratitude flow freely. Oh how bad I was sinking. “Princess NO!!!” was all that brought me back. Everywhere went black, I was drowning fast, it was so dark, there was nothing to hold or grip. I faced fear, big time. Then Stephen’s familiar voice came, “Princess NO No! Princess Come back!!!”

Suddenly, I found myself rushing back to the voice with the same drowning speed. I opened my eyes and I was flat on the floor. “What the f**k” was all I could manage to say. It’s not my fault, Life had been too hard on me; My 3 year relationship ended badly, I lost my job, everyone I wrote scripts for, shot without even paying me. I slaved endlessly and got disappointed every time. 2016 was the worst year of my life but I survived. It was a domino effect. I was losing out week after week, nothing was stable anymore. A part of me died every day.

Then I slumped. It took that for me to realize that my life was not as bad. It took that Saturday for me to remember that I am a bunch of talent. And a special Blacky was there to help. He helped me see, I had buried my talents waiting for the ‘right time’ that never came. Be grateful for the people you encounter on your journey of life. They help blow your light brighter. I never forget, it’s a blessing and a curse; but in all I give thanks! I feel very heartbroken as I write this even, but I BELIEVE I CAN FLY. HAPPY BIRTHDAY NWANYI’OCHA…. My presence is a present




Author: Nnennaya

In love with creative arts. And living...

6 thoughts on “FIRST ANNIVERSARY”

  1. Hey Nne, you are alive! You are going to do great things. You are destined to be great. You have been at it for a while, keep going your tommorrow is sure going to be “dazzlingly bright”.

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