The one-woman army



Her eyes dey blaze tenaciously but Dafe’s enchanting baritone questions her from behind“Why do you feel the need to scream every time you are angry Nana?” He asks. She drops her hands gently and manages to hide the helpless smile that slowly creeps in. Still, she refuses to look back. “Why do YOU, always feel the need to hide every time?” She fires back. “Haba, my sweetness…” he starts towards her “you are too authoritative is all I’m saying” Dafe walks up to Nana and places his hand around her waist; she leans into his hold. “It’s cos you need it. It’s your fault…” She scolds softly.

He scoffs “My bilious Choleric, make I chop small kiss there na? Hmmmm…” he teases and Nana’s soft laugh gives her away. Her body can barely refuse this man, it beats her. “What’s Choleric?” she asks. Dafe spins her around and stares deep into her hazel eyes, “That’s your temperament baby…” He says and pulls her into a soft embrace, she rolls her eyes “Mmmhmmmm, what’s that?” Nana and her plenty plenty questions. “It is your unconscious natural style.” He explains. “What does it do?” She continues, she go ask-ask many questions until she gets a proper understanding of the situation. Nana is super inquisitive. “It gives me an idea of your person. It helps me understand you better.” He answers. “Interesting…” she mutters. Dafe pulls her face up to face him and gives her a wink “Now can you please be quiet. I get one apology to make to my woman…” Nana melt! She couldn’t stop the blush that took over her cheeks…

Dafe’s king-sized spring bed supplies the walls with intricate details of ongoing events. He passionately reveals Nana’s secrets, adorably covered by Victoria in her favorite color RED; one after the other. Her career goal, to model for Victoria’s Secret. Somewhere between the drapes, she notices a tiny red light. “Boo, is there a sniper outside your window?” She stops to ask “What is that red light?” she points towards it. Dafe immediately plants another deep kiss. He thrusts deeper and Nana forgets what she was even talking about. Amidst soft moans, her voice is her sexiest attribute when she is not shouting; “You make me lose my home training every f**cking time. It’s not fair…” she confesses. “Shhhh…” goes Dafe. The camera continues to roll quietly between the drapes; Dafe is set to become a happy millionaire and Nana has no idea. How easily we SET FIRE to the ones we ‘LOVE’…

Nov 3rd ‘19- EPISODE 2- THE RAINS- No miss am o!!!



Author: Nnennaya

In love with creative arts. And living...

4 thoughts on “Nana”

  1. Omg, please can it be next week already. I loved loved loved that pun with the “Victoria’s secrets” underwear 😁😁. See you next week 👏🏻

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