Nana #2


The lights are blue in Andy’s room. Oreva struts around half-naked in white lingerie. Her skin is flawless, caramel and soft. Andy, on the other hand, seems really engrossed in his IPad and sketchbook. He keeps busy with some revision. “Babe, pronounce this word for me,” he calls her attention to his Grey IPad. In black, the words MIS-EN-PLACE are boldly inscribed on a page. Oreva makes an attempt to pronounce the word, “Mis-en-pl- wait,” she stops “Is that an English word?” she asks. “No,” says Andy “it’s a French word or Greek, I-” he tries to explain and she cuts in “MIS-EN-PLACE” she pronounces it ‘Miss-on-plas’ like a Frenchwoman. His face relaxes “So that is the problem?” Oreva throws him a questioning look, he explains further. “To pronounce the ‘en’, pesin get to carry belle inside small. Do you see?! My teacher only said it twice… You know, our teachers are our problems sometimes…” laments Andy. “Yeah, that’s true” she agrees. “So, oga! tell me the meaning of your mis-en-place?” the extra Oreva. “Okay, it is a term used in a professional kitchen to describe the proper planning procedure for a specific station. That is the pre-work station. More like your cooking area. You get?” Andy is a chef-in-training. “I see. So proper planning as in kitchen arrangements?” She probes further. “Yeah, the set-up and arrangements of things I guess. I will find out in class next month.” He says. “You mean WE?” she asks. He looks at her for a second and replies “Yes we will baby.”

The car horn of the black Hyundai iv-tec blares nonstop. However, it does not seem to alarm the other road users as much as Kwame’s fast driving. Everybody just dey clear road. Kwame popularly known as Cool Kevin is not even sure what he is doing right now but this seems to be their only choice. “Kwame DRIVE THIS CAR NOW, e be bicycle we carry?” Aunty Joy yells from the back seat, not helping. Kwame match the car finish, Aunty Joy still dey shout. They need to get to the hospital URGENTLY.

Oreva picks out a dress for the night. Andy’s eyes are still on his IPad. “This one?” she shows off the dress. He looks up, “No. Wear the black one.” he says “Na wa o, you just want me to show off dem curves tonight?” Oreva teases. Andy panics a little “Baby abeg come help me confirm this thing.” He asks. Oreva walks to his side. He points at the screen; “Na Nana be that?” she takes a look, “God forbid! You dey craze?” she opens her eyes wide. Andy continues “look am well!” Oreva grabs the device to take a closer look and her jaw drops; “This cannot be.” She starts to sweat. She is at the brink of tears “Oh my days, what is Nana doing acting porn?” Andy cuts into her thoughts “The real question should be; what is she doing uploading it on pornhub?” he says “I mean if she makes a sex tape; I won’t judge her, that body needs to be DOCUMENTED and I agree. You feel me?” Andy winks. Oreva looks at him and he knows he is in trouble. “So you keep busy watching porn and documenting other women’s bodies’ Abi? And me dey here dey find dress wen I wan wear follow you comot.” Andy is speechless “if I follow you go anywhere, change my name!” she storms out of the room and the door pays hard for it. Gbraaasssss!!! The windows sef shake…

Author: Nnennaya

In love with creative arts. And living...

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