Oreva leans against the wardrobe quietly; she watches Nana break down in uncontrollable tears. Nana mutters gently, “this is a dream…” She says. She never imagined her life would ever fall apart with her so unable to save herself. The water don come over-pass gari like this so. Oreva watches her friend helplessly. Tears roll down her cheeks because of her friends’ suffering; she’s angry. “There has to be something we can do to get the video off the Internet; someone we could speak to?” Oreva says and Nana manages a scoff. “A hacker?” Nana responds. She sniffs and stares out into the wall, her tears would not stop…

“Doctor, how is my mother?!” Aunty Joy harasses Doctor Kay on his way out of the theatre for the 10,000th time in 4 hours. The good doctor heaves a patient sigh, “Ms Joy, relax please. We have our best doctors in there with her; your mother is in safe hands. She’ll be alright.” He manages a cheerful smile as Aunty Joy pulls off her scarf; “So when can I see her?” She asks tying the scarf around her waist, the good doctor smells trouble brewing and responds “Soon madam” he tries to walk off and she blocks him. Aunty Joy explodes “Doctor biko when can I see my mother?! Soon, soon, soon that is all you people have been telling us. If something don do my mama, make una talk abeg make pesin know wetin e dey do!” She vibrates. The doctor smiles to placate her. “Madam” she stops him “I am a comedian now, it’s funny?” She rolls her eyes. “Oga Sir, give me answers please. I didn’t come here to entertain you!” She yells.

Doctor Kay tries to calm her down, “Madam, your mother is going to be fine. Nothing will happen to her. Calm down please”. Aunty Joy stays adamant  “so how come you people have not billed us yet? Ehn?! Nobody don reason us money since we siddon here…” Doctor Kay’s shoulders drop as he explains “that’s because your mother is already covered.” The information throws her off “Covered how?” She asks. “Ms Nana had that covered already madam, so not to worry.” He replies. Aunty Joy frowns, she goes sour, all her face spoil scatter. “The thwart! Please tell her we don’t need her money.” Doctor Kay shrugs, his impatience rises “Well, the charge for her ward is N350,000 per day and she’s to be here for about a week or more plus the…” She cuts in “Ah doctor! That’s too expensive now” She protests. “Well, you don’t have to worry” he continues, “The medical bills have already been paid for. Now madam please if you’ll excuse me.” He strides off with a straight face.

Shamelessly, she saunters back to her place on the long chair, grumbling, completely oblivious of everyone around her “Little witch!” Says Aunty Joy “She’s the reason we’re all here in the 1st place.” She sits and Junior tries to talk to her, “Aunty, please relax. People are looking at you.” He pleads and she flares up; “You better shut up that your musician mouth there, idiot!” Aunty Joy transfers all of the aggression to him. “You that I still don’t know where they brought you from; Ewu!” She vibrates, unbothered. “People are looking at me,! is it your eyes they’re using to look?! Ehn Prof!?” He looks away and she rolls her eyes… “Anybody wey like make e look me, I no kuku get shame! When dem look me finish, if eye pain dem, dem go comot their yeye eyes…!” She openly fires at everyone around; immediately, they look away. Her phone rings, she grabs it; its her husband calling. Quickly, she picks up call and rushes out of the hospital with some fake-crying “Darling help me o! My husband help me! Send money please, my mother is dying…” Nurse Tina cannot help it, she places her hand on her chest, shocked at Aunty Joy’s display “Na wa for this kind woman…” says Nurse Tina to herself.


Author: Nnennaya

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