It’s my birthday weekend; let’s continue our story


Once Daddy returns home, control returns. It won’t be a taboo to stroll out at 5:30 p.m. when he’s in the living room; but, be ready to explain why you chose to wait till 5:30 in the evening or where you even wan dey waka go by that kind time. Nana’s dad is the real Chiefo but her mum has always been liberal with her children. Nana’s twin sister, Imeh has lived with their dadad since after the divorce; and still makes a living from fraud. But, daddy is no easy walkover…

Ese’s lust is second to none. The white duvet shows off his petite beer gut. ICE sits pretty on his neck with a huge anchor pendant dropping against his hairy chest; his eyes are fixed on Imeh. “Girls dey wear make-up comot for morning, you dey clean your own. I don’t get you sometimes babe…” He says. Imeh laughs, busy in front of the large dressing mirror. Her back and hips face Ese. “Ah, Oga lover!” Her soft voice swins through the room. “Is it in my bag?” Ese gives her a wink that says yes; she smiles. “All of it?” She likes to double check. “Yup” He responds. He won’t take his eyes off her. She blows him a kiss and sets to work on him some more… “My Magician. You have a special place in my heart baby boy” a natural, she stands and grabs her full breasts subtly covered in her lacy red lingerie. His jaw drops in awe of her beauty when his phone rings. It’s his wahala wife again…

Aunty Joy yells on the other end of the phone; “I never see the money o!” He smiles, ” Haba Joy, You no trust your husband again?” She replies with a short hiss; “Mttchew, na you know. If na one of those your useless girlfriends now, you go don send am o” He cuts in, trying to avoid a fight, him food dey cold. “Don’t worry I’ll send it now.” He hangs up and makes another call immediately… “Junior, yes-hello. Abeg, furnish me with the hospital account details from the front desk and don’t tell your aunty anything. You hear me? Fast fast please abeg.” Junior stutters “okay Sir”. Few minutes later, Ese receives a text message and opens his bank app to do the needful. He rounds off the transfer and switches his phone to airplane mode immediately.

His right lower lip curves into a smile to reveal the playboy in him. He teases her, “My Sweet something…” and she flashes an irresistible smile. She sways over to him. Each stride flatters her curves and extremely hot body. She stops in front of him and he places both hands on her lower back to bring her closer. He buries his head in her breasts and inhales deeply. She rubs his head gently, throws her head back and giggles some more…

He proceeds to plant soft kisses all over her body and soft moans escape her lips. With his left hand, he gives her butt cheeks a squeeze while his right hand does some mild rough handling. Skillfully, he flips her over to the bed and his lips embark on a trip down south. She giggles some more. “Ohhhh.. Baby stooppppp… I can’t call in sick twice…” She no even get power to push am comot. What to do? Ese replies with a fake french accent “Sorry no speak no English”. His hands find their way to her very full breasts; E don finish. Na flat tyre go take the blame again be dat. That’ll be the 10th time in 2 months… Her phone begins to vibrate and they both ignore it. Caller ID – General Smith!

Author: Nnennaya

In love with creative arts. And living...

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