Echoes of a YouTube video envelopes the white tinted Range Rover. The soundtrack is deep, solemn and strong. But, not strong enough to distract Oreva’s keen watch. “Fluid and sublime; like it or not, water, brings more life to your life. La la la la la…” Nana’s eyes well up behind her Ray-ban shades, she allows the tears drop freely onto the passenger seat. Oreva sits sharp behind the wheel wearing a big hoodiee. So big it covers half of her face. They wait patiently in the car park for Aunty Joy and Junior to leave. Nana no get power for fight. Not today.

Oga OJ is shook. He doesn’t seem to understand the complications displayed on his computer screen. Exasperated, he laments, “Ahn ahn, wetin dey happen for this patient na? Which people go pay this kind money twice under one name?” Confused, he plonks his head onto his desk, gently. Sisi Josephine punches away at her keyboard with full concentration. Her eyes appear glued to her computer screen. Her lips; move to the rhythm of the chewing gum in her mouth, sophisticatedly. Comfortably busy; the melanin beauty fills up her xcel balance sheet with extra care, throws one unbothered glance at her colleague, and asks without looking “Oga OJ, what’s your issue?” Her eyes and hands stay busy, only her ears remain with him and the 4 white walls of V-Hospital’s accounts Department...

“Aunty!” Junior whispers aloud in a bid to wake Aunty Joy up from her supposed power nap. “Hmmmm, Hmmmm, na wetin?” She asks from her sleep. Junior responds “The doctor wan follow you talk Sista” Slowly; barely opening her eyes, She sits back up gently and then widens her eyes. The good Doctor Kay stands in front of her, with a weird smile. “Madam, let’s step in to my office please.” She rises slowly yet majestically, picks up her hand bag and strolls into the hallway. Doctor leads the way, bopping his head as he goes in response to different people and the many many “Hello Doctor.” and “Good day Doctor” flying about. She follows him behind closely.

3 hours later; the girls still sit in the car watching her from a distance, embarrassing herself and poor Junior in a verbal fight with an equally crazy taxi driver right in front of the hospital gate. That’s the 4th driver in 30 minutes.

Author: Nnennaya

In love with creative arts. And living...

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