NANA #6 – Earth

Junior’s mouth is semi-wide open. He doesn’t understand how he’s caused any of this. “Meeeeeeee?” Hands in the air. “But I am willing to fuel the car now, Aunty. This taxi thing was your idea so why are you now saying ? In fact…” He goes quiet and looks away. “No o, continue. Continue talking to me anyhow, why you close mouth?” She rolls her eyes at him, “Continue to dey insult meee. I send una? Anything that comes from Nana, I don’t want to be a part of it. She cannot buy me over with her shameful wealth…”. Fed up, the young man starts off in the opposite direction, straight into the heart of V-Hospital’s car park. “Junior come back here!”. He ignores her. Few seconds later, he gets in the car, jabs the key into the ignition and drives off without a glance.

Oreva laughs out loud. Nana manages a smile. They watch Aunty Joy from the car. She can’t believe what just happened. “Na wetin fit am” says Oreva. Nana mutters gently “She go dey alright.” Her phone rings, caller ID -Doc Kay. She picks up the call and says nothing. “My angel, are you guys still outside?” Doctor Kay asks. “Hmmm, we are o. The eagle has refused to take off.” Nana responds. “Ahn ahn, since that time?” He asks again, surprised. Nana laughs a little, “yes o. Since that time o.” She says. He pauses for like 4 seconds and speaks “Umm, okay I’ll send someone to you now, a nurse. She’ll bring you in through our secret entrance okay…” goes the good Doctor. Nana tilts her head from right to left. She’s not sure how she feels about seeing a stranger. What if the nurse has seen her tape and recognises her? But a sensitive man always knows his woman “Don’t worry, I’m glad you’re even able to laugh. Relax babygirl. Okay?” He says. “Okay. I’ll try.” She replies and ends the call. “He’s sending a nurse to take us in.” Says Nana to Oreva. Oreva nods in response to the yarn and drops a smile. “Relax.” She says. “I don hear.” Nana replies. She increases the radio volume

If only he had activated his stubbornness sooner with Aunty Joy, he wouldn’t have missed out on the once-in-a-lifetime golden opportunity. Imagine, a lucky win studio session with Wizkid. It took Nana nearly 7 months to get him that deal. Plus the numerous sleepless nights he traded, preparing. Family problem sef na wa! His phone beeps, it’s Amara texting to wish him “Goodluck”. He throws his eyes back to the road and they remain there. He’s going to try, he can’t just give up like this. “After all, no be my fault” He thinks to himself and drives through the streets of Lagos on top speed. He says a silent prayer…

Author: Nnennaya

In love with creative arts. And living...

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