Nana #7 EARTH (PART 2)

Junior knows he’s not likely to meet up but abeg, he has to try. His thoughts wander; no wonder Kwame left. Who go stay? He checks the time and his spirit jumps. The studio doors will be shut in the next 5 minutes and he just dey climb 3rd mainland bridge now-now. This life no just balance sha…

Aunty Joy explodes as usual, unsure of what to expect. “I no blame una. It’s not your fault.” She looks upon the skies and raises her hands to plead, “Ah God! Baba God. Abeg for my next life I no wan come as 1st born. These children don’t appreciate me!!” Beside her, different people exit V-Hospital wearing different looks, but, they all observe her, walk past and do nothing. The side comments wonder if all is well with her, as dem no see pesin wey she dey para for. She sees the stares and as usual she doesn’t care. Time don dey talk 9.40pm. Small small, outside don dey clear. “Since morning! I leave everything wey I get to do, come siddon here. The mama, na only me get am? Ehn, tell me! I no fit blame you. No be your fault. Criminal!”

The lights finally start to go out in V-Hospital’s accounts Department. Oga OJ decides to hang the days problem on tomorrow’s challenge list and call it a day. He’s always the last to sign out of the office. He shuts the door and bumps into a grumbling hospital staff right outside; “Ah, imagine leaving the hospital at 9.55pm, almost 10. Na wa o” the staff laments to herself, “Oga OJ, please can I join you to Long bridge?” She asks. He nods in agreement without turning his head. Some day, he would be free from this work. But until then, work he must. Outside the building, they encounter the shouting Aunty Joy still yelling, “Husband wey suppose transfer money since morning sef, that one I never see alert till now. Who I offend? God.” She places both hands on her head at this point. Oga OJ looks at her, she notices and switches, “Oga look where you dey go abeg. No dey look me.” He obeys and she sets down to sit by the road. E don dey taya her. She finds somewhere to sit.

Meanwhile, Nurse Vicky strides out of the hospital entrance on a solo p. Both hands in her pocket, she wears a straight face and walks past every action briskly. She walks up to the Range and knocks by the window. Oreva checks her out briefly and unlocks the car. She gets in and says the following softly “please drive into the next street. The cathedral street.” Nana avoids looking at her. Oreva backs out of the car park gently.

In about 7 minutes, Junior approaches Dolphin estate. Bright torchlights slow him down. “On your Inner light!!!” Yells a male voice, he obeys and sees 3 policemen. The other one shouts “Park!” And worry strikes. Junior thinks to himself, PARK or DRIVE OFF?! time dey go, what’s it gonna be?

Author: Nnennaya

In love with creative arts. And living...

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