Cynthia bends to clear the coffee cups by the couch and Joe watches her. Coffee and whiskey is always a great mix. “Should I close the drapes?” she asks. “Nah. I still want the view. Come. I know something else you can do.” he winks and she smiles, in lust… Meanwhile, Olivia kicks the toilet door with more vim downstairs; a cry for help. Moments later; Papa Ben opens the door. He’s shocked to find Olivia like this. A silver duct tape over her mouth, black and white cable wires tie her hands and legs. “Jesus! Mah-dam Olive!” exclaims the janitor, “47 years in bank work; I nova see this before.” She rolls her eyes and the old man gets busy. Quick; he yanks off the duct tape. “Arrrhhhhghh!” she yells. She stretches her face muscles “Easy now. I’ve been in here for 3 hours! No one noticed I was gone?!” Olivia asks, bitter. “Time is 9:50 p.m., Madam. Everybody is left for their homes.” He responds as he unties her gently. “Well, almost everybody.” He says…

A 5-months old affair is threatened as Olivia marches to the bank M.D’s office. She has never been so roughly handled in her life. Her anger right now; can pound foo-foo for 50 people, with one hand. The door is locked. She knocks, no response. She tries 3 more times, nothing. “I can see your lights on Joe! Why didn’t you stop her?”. She tries to open the door a few times. Still, nothing. And she stops. Exasperated, she heads to her office, 2 doors to the right, walks in and bangs the door. She can still feel the Ashanti girl’s hand on both cheeks and her sides. She pulls ice from her fridge and wraps it with a napkin for self-medication “She slaps like a man kraaa. Eeeiii, Haba” she laments in pain, almost close to tears. Abena gave her the beating of her life and messed her up mercilessly.

Cynthia is not sure if she should continue. “Continue; She’s not coming back, don’t worry” He encourages and like a pornhub pro; Mr. Joe lifts himself and his part-time side-chic turned Executive Assistant, off the chair and onto his table. She knocks down his wife’s photo frame and Cynthia laughs “My ass is on the contract papers babe” she says. But the passion is in gear 5; steady deep thrusts, Cynthia wan mad. She moans loudly. Her fingers dig into his soft back, and he smiles. He never even start. Swiftly; he moves her over to the couch to finish work. Cynthia cannot help herself, “Do you want to kill me? I’m trying not to scream…” she pleads. Unfortunately for her Oga has had a long day, plus some whiskey, body gotta ease tension. He no dey even hear her sef. His mind is far away but his body is very very much in the present. What they don’t know; however, is that their performance is on full display. There are some things you don’t do in glass offices… Especially transparent ones.

Umar cannot understand this traffic; “why did I pass this road sef. Make I turn” he says to himself and finds a way to turn illegally. Cars honk and he mutters “make una no vex abeg. Man taya” he speeds off on the opposite side of the road and turns left onto Wess Bank street. There’s a little traffic but “Thank God. At least this one dey move” he says and dials Cynthia’s number, it rings, no response. “She must be sleeping” he says, remembering she told him she was home an hour ago. He’s alone in the car. He turns the music up unaware that he’s about to chop classic breakfast. Approaching the bank; he sees a small crowd of onlookers. Some are with their phones, recording something and smiling, others chatter. They seem to be watching something happening at the bank, he panics and parks the car to check. “Abi na fire Dey start?” The good looking young man says to himself as he joins the crowd on the other side of the road. On arrival; He sees the side profile of the love of his life, receiving some better doggy from the 2nd floor window. Dem face wall. Eyes closed, passion and pleasure very open and highhhhh. The madman in Umar comes alive. He searches the grounds frantically and finds perfect stones. With full traffic on the street now, thanks to his fiancé and her boss; he moves back and aims perfectly. With long shots the stone hits the target beautifully. Kprasss! He does it 4 more times until small glass scatter. Papa Ben rushes outside; the security men look helpless, they stop him and the party stops for the lovebirds upstairs.

Cynthia buries her head deep into couch; Oga Joe rushes to shut the drapes, hard as a rock. Umar screams at the tops of his voice “You must open this gate! Cynthia!!! I will kill you walahi! Oga leave me o!” Things fall apart on Wess Bank street but the traffic eases off slowly. Party don end, everywhere don spoil. This kind night sef, it’s wa o (it’s wonderful o)…

Author: Nnennaya

In love with creative arts. And living...

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