The time is 11:30 p.m. and Mr Todd can’t stop laughing, “Bena you are extremely hilarious, you know?” he says. And Abena tilts her head to the left; “Nahhh, I’m just a funny girl. Hilarious; heh I can’t even tell a joke to save my life.” She replies and takes another sip. “End of enjoyment.” she announces as she empties the bottle. Todd smirks “Do we open another one?” he asks. “No please, no. If we do that, I’ll be drunk.” she pleads and he smiles. Pulling out a cooler from under the table he informs her “Na the plan o. Like my Lagos pidgin?” he asks. She’s thrilled “Ha-ha-ha I love it.” He opens the bottle of wine and helps himself to some. “So; how did it end? Your brawl with Olivia…” asks Mr Todd. Abena shakes her head and sips more wine, “well she wouldn’t give up so she decided to harrass me in the toilet. I smacked her hard on both cheeks, and she fell. More like blacked out. And so I, ehmm; I tied her up and locked her in one of the toilet stalls.” she confesses and clears her throat. She drinks some more wine and his jaw drops. Feisty, he likes her even more now. She throws her eyes around and tried to suppress her rising smile.

It’s almost midnight but Cynthia’s fiancee has refused to leave WESS Bank premises. “Have they tried to hold him down?” Olivia asks, she peeks through the window. Cynthia doesn’t even hear her. She’s on the phone; “Mommy it’s not trueeee please.” she pleads, but her mother yells “If you don’t shut up! I know you Cynthia, it’s true. Just come home straight o! I don’t want to loose a child to love, a-beg you. That your young man is a mad one”. Olivia scoffs, she can overhear Cynthia’s mom “he’s really mad. You should take her.” she says to Joe. “Leave your car here for some time Cynthia. And figure out something.” Papa Ben knocks on the door, it’s open, he pushes it wider. “Madam, the young man don left.” He speaks with his head bent. Olivia laughs “Papa Ben what did you drop on the floor? hahahahaha; Cynthia, at least someone is shy on your behalf. Mmtcheeeew harlot” Olivia laughs and Cynthia rolls her eyes at her. “Watch it.” Joe says. She scoffs and runs to the window to check. Instantly, Umar drives off ,on top speed. Dangerous…

Todd clears his throat “You still haven’t told me what really happened with the account?” He asks. A tipsy Abena tries to respond; “Olivia happened. She got greedy and tried to double cross me. The client saw her moves and couldn’t trust us anymore. He changed his mind at the last minute. Please; from now on, can I choose my team?” she asks. Todd takes a deep breath and looks deep in her eyes, “I’ll sleep over it and let you know tomorrow, when we wake up.” He stands “I like to sleep on the right side of the bed. Hope you don’t mind?” He continues. She shock. Highness clear, once. “I don’t understand Sir” she says. Mr. Todd tries not to smile, “Sir? again? Come on, It’s a 1 bedroom cabin Bena. And there’s no couch. Had them all removed.” He replies and turns his back to walk off. “I’ll sleep on the floor.” she announces. “Goodluck” he responds and turns to look at her “95% of the ground is water, so be my guest. There’s 1 blanket and we need to share. Or, you can sleep out here. High up the hills. I’m sure you love heights. I’ll leave the door open.” He winks and his voice echoes as he walks off, slowly. If eyes could kill; Abena eyes go don shoot this man, empty better 9mm for him body… She gulps the rest of the wine in her glass and pours some more from the fresh bottle. This kind wahala, na wa…

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