Small businesses and individuals scatter about EBI avenue. Ebi; a wonder at night and monster by day. To my Accra people; this place is worse than Circle. Here; Otigba boys are angels. Bad boys dey learn work. EBI avenue is the longest crescent in Teff Town. Ruthless; like Chief Alloysius Ebi, the biggest landlord, Nwoke oma 20 billion. One loved by few and feared by many. Many, except Virgie Nwa Mma; Virginia Oba, the beauty that owns V’s Place, and one of the best chefs in town. Tito carries 4 white bowls of food gently in a bag. She collects her 50 kobo change from Nneka and rushes out. Turns left into the next compound, and climbs the narrow Pink House staircase to the last floor.

Tito steps into the hallway, what the tenants call passage! And everyone can hear Moni’s gist. She is so loud, the entire 4 floors can hear her. “All these ladies wanting tall; dark and handsome men. Especially the reserved ones. Hahaha, ‘Mr. Quiet type’ who’s never afraid to speak his mind. Hmmm, my dear sisters, be careful what you wish for o.” girls chuckle. Christie can’t sit still “na my spec be that o. Moni, wetin na?” she asks, her smile wide and cute like her gap tooth. Moni laughs “if your spec carry you enter inside room, you go fit?!!!!” girls laugh so hard, they encourage Moni’s inner comic. “If he say touch your toes, my love run o! Run o! Because that’s your last chance. Else; thou shall be hooked without remorse!” She drops some phonetics in there and Philo supports with her shrill voice “Room 306!” The 4 ladies laugh extra hard. Tito knocks and Moni responds; “Yes? Come in if you’re handsome and rich!”. Tito walks in with the food. “Correct! Hope say you buy 2 eggs for me ” Cynthia asks. Tito nods to say yes. “Keep the 50. kobo. No. Use 10, buy water come” Moni instructs. Tito nods gently and heads back out. “This girl sabi go message. I go dash her something this Christmas. She dey try.” Moni says. Cynthia replies her with a mouthful “do go born your own; Ashewo!” she chuckles and Moni responds “Na your mama be ashewo! Idiot!”. The rest of the girls have a good laugh. Philo can’t help it, “I dey chop pepper abeg, abeg…” she pleads. Over here people don’t take offense too easily, you have to give them a reason to…

People troop in and out of V’s Place so much that she had to initiate a drive-through days ago; one that’s about to cost her so much more than buying the house behind her restaurant. The first time Mama Nurse does a noble thing, innocent people suffer. 2 vans halt in front of her shop, 5 familiar faces rush out scampering and destroying everything in their way. They chase everyone out of V’s Place. Virginia storms out from the back with a butcher knife and frying pan in hand. White apron tied around her waist “Ni bo! For my yard! Where dem dey?!” she yells. About to set the roof on fire. Girls rush down to her rescue. Moni and Cynthia rush to the balcony. Everyone begins to fight back; Snyder shoots twice in the air. And his bullets restore peace and order. Everyone takes to their heels. “Virgie! Come White House. We get yarns!” he circles his gun in the air and his boys move out in less than 10 seconds. Tires screech as they drive off. Everyone runs out. Virginia cannot believe her eyes…

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The time is 11:30 p.m. and Mr Todd can’t stop laughing, “Bena you are extremely hilarious, you know?” he says. And Abena tilts her head to the left; “Nahhh, I’m just a funny girl. Hilarious; heh I can’t even tell a joke to save my life.” She replies and takes another sip. “End of enjoyment.” she announces as she empties the bottle. Todd smirks “Do we open another one?” he asks. “No please, no. If we do that, I’ll be drunk.” she pleads and he smiles. Pulling out a cooler from under the table he informs her “Na the plan o. Like my Lagos pidgin?” he asks. She’s thrilled “Ha-ha-ha I love it.” He opens the bottle of wine and helps himself to some. “So; how did it end? Your brawl with Olivia…” asks Mr Todd. Abena shakes her head and sips more wine, “well she wouldn’t give up so she decided to harrass me in the toilet. I smacked her hard on both cheeks, and she fell. More like blacked out. And so I, ehmm; I tied her up and locked her in one of the toilet stalls.” she confesses and clears her throat. She drinks some more wine and his jaw drops. Feisty, he likes her even more now. She throws her eyes around and tried to suppress her rising smile.

It’s almost midnight but Cynthia’s fiancee has refused to leave WESS Bank premises. “Have they tried to hold him down?” Olivia asks, she peeks through the window. Cynthia doesn’t even hear her. She’s on the phone; “Mommy it’s not trueeee please.” she pleads, but her mother yells “If you don’t shut up! I know you Cynthia, it’s true. Just come home straight o! I don’t want to loose a child to love, a-beg you. That your young man is a mad one”. Olivia scoffs, she can overhear Cynthia’s mom “he’s really mad. You should take her.” she says to Joe. “Leave your car here for some time Cynthia. And figure out something.” Papa Ben knocks on the door, it’s open, he pushes it wider. “Madam, the young man don left.” He speaks with his head bent. Olivia laughs “Papa Ben what did you drop on the floor? hahahahaha; Cynthia, at least someone is shy on your behalf. Mmtcheeeew harlot” Olivia laughs and Cynthia rolls her eyes at her. “Watch it.” Joe says. She scoffs and runs to the window to check. Instantly, Umar drives off ,on top speed. Dangerous…

Todd clears his throat “You still haven’t told me what really happened with the account?” He asks. A tipsy Abena tries to respond; “Olivia happened. She got greedy and tried to double cross me. The client saw her moves and couldn’t trust us anymore. He changed his mind at the last minute. Please; from now on, can I choose my team?” she asks. Todd takes a deep breath and looks deep in her eyes, “I’ll sleep over it and let you know tomorrow, when we wake up.” He stands “I like to sleep on the right side of the bed. Hope you don’t mind?” He continues. She shock. Highness clear, once. “I don’t understand Sir” she says. Mr. Todd tries not to smile, “Sir? again? Come on, It’s a 1 bedroom cabin Bena. And there’s no couch. Had them all removed.” He replies and turns his back to walk off. “I’ll sleep on the floor.” she announces. “Goodluck” he responds and turns to look at her “95% of the ground is water, so be my guest. There’s 1 blanket and we need to share. Or, you can sleep out here. High up the hills. I’m sure you love heights. I’ll leave the door open.” He winks and his voice echoes as he walks off, slowly. If eyes could kill; Abena eyes go don shoot this man, empty better 9mm for him body… She gulps the rest of the wine in her glass and pours some more from the fresh bottle. This kind wahala, na wa…


Cynthia bends to clear the coffee cups by the couch and Joe watches her. Coffee and whiskey is always a great mix. “Should I close the drapes?” she asks. “Nah. I still want the view. Come. I know something else you can do.” he winks and she smiles, in lust… Meanwhile, Olivia kicks the toilet door with more vim downstairs; a cry for help. Moments later; Papa Ben opens the door. He’s shocked to find Olivia like this. A silver duct tape over her mouth, black and white cable wires tie her hands and legs. “Jesus! Mah-dam Olive!” exclaims the janitor, “47 years in bank work; I nova see this before.” She rolls her eyes and the old man gets busy. Quick; he yanks off the duct tape. “Arrrhhhhghh!” she yells. She stretches her face muscles “Easy now. I’ve been in here for 3 hours! No one noticed I was gone?!” Olivia asks, bitter. “Time is 9:50 p.m., Madam. Everybody is left for their homes.” He responds as he unties her gently. “Well, almost everybody.” He says…

A 5-months old affair is threatened as Olivia marches to the bank M.D’s office. She has never been so roughly handled in her life. Her anger right now; can pound foo-foo for 50 people, with one hand. The door is locked. She knocks, no response. She tries 3 more times, nothing. “I can see your lights on Joe! Why didn’t you stop her?”. She tries to open the door a few times. Still, nothing. And she stops. Exasperated, she heads to her office, 2 doors to the right, walks in and bangs the door. She can still feel the Ashanti girl’s hand on both cheeks and her sides. She pulls ice from her fridge and wraps it with a napkin for self-medication “She slaps like a man kraaa. Eeeiii, Haba” she laments in pain, almost close to tears. Abena gave her the beating of her life and messed her up mercilessly.

Cynthia is not sure if she should continue. “Continue; She’s not coming back, don’t worry” He encourages and like a pornhub pro; Mr. Joe lifts himself and his part-time side-chic turned Executive Assistant, off the chair and onto his table. She knocks down his wife’s photo frame and Cynthia laughs “My ass is on the contract papers babe” she says. But the passion is in gear 5; steady deep thrusts, Cynthia wan mad. She moans loudly. Her fingers dig into his soft back, and he smiles. He never even start. Swiftly; he moves her over to the couch to finish work. Cynthia cannot help herself, “Do you want to kill me? I’m trying not to scream…” she pleads. Unfortunately for her Oga has had a long day, plus some whiskey, body gotta ease tension. He no dey even hear her sef. His mind is far away but his body is very very much in the present. What they don’t know; however, is that their performance is on full display. There are some things you don’t do in glass offices… Especially transparent ones.

Umar cannot understand this traffic; “why did I pass this road sef. Make I turn” he says to himself and finds a way to turn illegally. Cars honk and he mutters “make una no vex abeg. Man taya” he speeds off on the opposite side of the road and turns left onto Wess Bank street. There’s a little traffic but “Thank God. At least this one dey move” he says and dials Cynthia’s number, it rings, no response. “She must be sleeping” he says, remembering she told him she was home an hour ago. He’s alone in the car. He turns the music up unaware that he’s about to chop classic breakfast. Approaching the bank; he sees a small crowd of onlookers. Some are with their phones, recording something and smiling, others chatter. They seem to be watching something happening at the bank, he panics and parks the car to check. “Abi na fire Dey start?” The good looking young man says to himself as he joins the crowd on the other side of the road. On arrival; He sees the side profile of the love of his life, receiving some better doggy from the 2nd floor window. Dem face wall. Eyes closed, passion and pleasure very open and highhhhh. The madman in Umar comes alive. He searches the grounds frantically and finds perfect stones. With full traffic on the street now, thanks to his fiancé and her boss; he moves back and aims perfectly. With long shots the stone hits the target beautifully. Kprasss! He does it 4 more times until small glass scatter. Papa Ben rushes outside; the security men look helpless, they stop him and the party stops for the lovebirds upstairs.

Cynthia buries her head deep into couch; Oga Joe rushes to shut the drapes, hard as a rock. Umar screams at the tops of his voice “You must open this gate! Cynthia!!! I will kill you walahi! Oga leave me o!” Things fall apart on Wess Bank street but the traffic eases off slowly. Party don end, everywhere don spoil. This kind night sef, it’s wa o (it’s wonderful o)…

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Abena knew it. Getting on this chopper with Mr Todd; her new American Boss, is suicide. Now they’re both up on a hill. Out in the middle of nowhere. Having wine and steak, with no one else around. What kind of trouble is this? It’s supposed to be a work trip. She tries to smile but her unbelievable fear of heights fight her on the inside. “This has to be done.” she tells herself. It’s either this or her career. Years of hard work, perseverance and sacrifice won’t be thrown out of the window just because Olivia has a quick mouth dipped in the pool of vengeance.

Todd smiles at her bravery. He can see her heartbeats rising from all the way across the table. But it’s either this or her job. And he’s always liked her. He’s never seen a woman with such beautiful curves in all his life. “You black women are something man…” he mutters. She can see him doing it again. Giving her the ‘I wan chop you’ look. This time she’ll have to endure it.

Even if this is the worst idea, Abena Mensah is prepared to make things right. No matter what it takes. She coughs and manages a smile back. “The night is about to begin Mr. Todd.” She says, “Hey; Be-Na, just call me Todd. Okay?” He says, smiling. She smiles and takes a deep breath… “Its gonna be a long night.” he says. She rubs her sweaty palms together anxiously; it’ll be a long night indeed… 😌

Nana #7 EARTH (PART 2)

Junior knows he’s not likely to meet up but abeg, he has to try. His thoughts wander; no wonder Kwame left. Who go stay? He checks the time and his spirit jumps. The studio doors will be shut in the next 5 minutes and he just dey climb 3rd mainland bridge now-now. This life no just balance sha…

Aunty Joy explodes as usual, unsure of what to expect. “I no blame una. It’s not your fault.” She looks upon the skies and raises her hands to plead, “Ah God! Baba God. Abeg for my next life I no wan come as 1st born. These children don’t appreciate me!!” Beside her, different people exit V-Hospital wearing different looks, but, they all observe her, walk past and do nothing. The side comments wonder if all is well with her, as dem no see pesin wey she dey para for. She sees the stares and as usual she doesn’t care. Time don dey talk 9.40pm. Small small, outside don dey clear. “Since morning! I leave everything wey I get to do, come siddon here. The mama, na only me get am? Ehn, tell me! I no fit blame you. No be your fault. Criminal!”

The lights finally start to go out in V-Hospital’s accounts Department. Oga OJ decides to hang the days problem on tomorrow’s challenge list and call it a day. He’s always the last to sign out of the office. He shuts the door and bumps into a grumbling hospital staff right outside; “Ah, imagine leaving the hospital at 9.55pm, almost 10. Na wa o” the staff laments to herself, “Oga OJ, please can I join you to Long bridge?” She asks. He nods in agreement without turning his head. Some day, he would be free from this work. But until then, work he must. Outside the building, they encounter the shouting Aunty Joy still yelling, “Husband wey suppose transfer money since morning sef, that one I never see alert till now. Who I offend? God.” She places both hands on her head at this point. Oga OJ looks at her, she notices and switches, “Oga look where you dey go abeg. No dey look me.” He obeys and she sets down to sit by the road. E don dey taya her. She finds somewhere to sit.

Meanwhile, Nurse Vicky strides out of the hospital entrance on a solo p. Both hands in her pocket, she wears a straight face and walks past every action briskly. She walks up to the Range and knocks by the window. Oreva checks her out briefly and unlocks the car. She gets in and says the following softly “please drive into the next street. The cathedral street.” Nana avoids looking at her. Oreva backs out of the car park gently.

In about 7 minutes, Junior approaches Dolphin estate. Bright torchlights slow him down. “On your Inner light!!!” Yells a male voice, he obeys and sees 3 policemen. The other one shouts “Park!” And worry strikes. Junior thinks to himself, PARK or DRIVE OFF?! time dey go, what’s it gonna be?

NANA #6 – Earth

Junior’s mouth is semi-wide open. He doesn’t understand how he’s caused any of this. “Meeeeeeee?” Hands in the air. “But I am willing to fuel the car now, Aunty. This taxi thing was your idea so why are you now saying ? In fact…” He goes quiet and looks away. “No o, continue. Continue talking to me anyhow, why you close mouth?” She rolls her eyes at him, “Continue to dey insult meee. I send una? Anything that comes from Nana, I don’t want to be a part of it. She cannot buy me over with her shameful wealth…”. Fed up, the young man starts off in the opposite direction, straight into the heart of V-Hospital’s car park. “Junior come back here!”. He ignores her. Few seconds later, he gets in the car, jabs the key into the ignition and drives off without a glance.

Oreva laughs out loud. Nana manages a smile. They watch Aunty Joy from the car. She can’t believe what just happened. “Na wetin fit am” says Oreva. Nana mutters gently “She go dey alright.” Her phone rings, caller ID -Doc Kay. She picks up the call and says nothing. “My angel, are you guys still outside?” Doctor Kay asks. “Hmmm, we are o. The eagle has refused to take off.” Nana responds. “Ahn ahn, since that time?” He asks again, surprised. Nana laughs a little, “yes o. Since that time o.” She says. He pauses for like 4 seconds and speaks “Umm, okay I’ll send someone to you now, a nurse. She’ll bring you in through our secret entrance okay…” goes the good Doctor. Nana tilts her head from right to left. She’s not sure how she feels about seeing a stranger. What if the nurse has seen her tape and recognises her? But a sensitive man always knows his woman “Don’t worry, I’m glad you’re even able to laugh. Relax babygirl. Okay?” He says. “Okay. I’ll try.” She replies and ends the call. “He’s sending a nurse to take us in.” Says Nana to Oreva. Oreva nods in response to the yarn and drops a smile. “Relax.” She says. “I don hear.” Nana replies. She increases the radio volume

If only he had activated his stubbornness sooner with Aunty Joy, he wouldn’t have missed out on the once-in-a-lifetime golden opportunity. Imagine, a lucky win studio session with Wizkid. It took Nana nearly 7 months to get him that deal. Plus the numerous sleepless nights he traded, preparing. Family problem sef na wa! His phone beeps, it’s Amara texting to wish him “Goodluck”. He throws his eyes back to the road and they remain there. He’s going to try, he can’t just give up like this. “After all, no be my fault” He thinks to himself and drives through the streets of Lagos on top speed. He says a silent prayer…


Echoes of a YouTube video envelopes the white tinted Range Rover. The soundtrack is deep, solemn and strong. But, not strong enough to distract Oreva’s keen watch. “Fluid and sublime; like it or not, water, brings more life to your life. La la la la la…” Nana’s eyes well up behind her Ray-ban shades, she allows the tears drop freely onto the passenger seat. Oreva sits sharp behind the wheel wearing a big hoodiee. So big it covers half of her face. They wait patiently in the car park for Aunty Joy and Junior to leave. Nana no get power for fight. Not today.

Oga OJ is shook. He doesn’t seem to understand the complications displayed on his computer screen. Exasperated, he laments, “Ahn ahn, wetin dey happen for this patient na? Which people go pay this kind money twice under one name?” Confused, he plonks his head onto his desk, gently. Sisi Josephine punches away at her keyboard with full concentration. Her eyes appear glued to her computer screen. Her lips; move to the rhythm of the chewing gum in her mouth, sophisticatedly. Comfortably busy; the melanin beauty fills up her xcel balance sheet with extra care, throws one unbothered glance at her colleague, and asks without looking “Oga OJ, what’s your issue?” Her eyes and hands stay busy, only her ears remain with him and the 4 white walls of V-Hospital’s accounts Department...

“Aunty!” Junior whispers aloud in a bid to wake Aunty Joy up from her supposed power nap. “Hmmmm, Hmmmm, na wetin?” She asks from her sleep. Junior responds “The doctor wan follow you talk Sista” Slowly; barely opening her eyes, She sits back up gently and then widens her eyes. The good Doctor Kay stands in front of her, with a weird smile. “Madam, let’s step in to my office please.” She rises slowly yet majestically, picks up her hand bag and strolls into the hallway. Doctor leads the way, bopping his head as he goes in response to different people and the many many “Hello Doctor.” and “Good day Doctor” flying about. She follows him behind closely.

3 hours later; the girls still sit in the car watching her from a distance, embarrassing herself and poor Junior in a verbal fight with an equally crazy taxi driver right in front of the hospital gate. That’s the 4th driver in 30 minutes.