Shadé #7


Bodè drops his bag pack for a minute. The view around this place has him in awe. “Saint Black’s temple….” he says. His eyes wander about the place, rocks tower high above the woods overlooking the temple. It is nothing like he had always imagined. Exhausted, he drops to his knees but his face lights up like that of an excited toddler at the sight of ice cream…

Carefully, he spreads out a mat; unzips his bag and extracts a small brown purse. He pulls out a lighter from his left pocket and speaks slowly to himself “Yes it’s time for treats. Where are my specials?” He pulls out a really tiny torchlight purple bottle and a tiny white bottle with broken crystals in it. He fondles his right pocket and brings out a tiny transparent tube. He fits them nicely into the tube and pulls out a lighter… After a few drags, he pulls out a bottle of soda from his bag and a tiny sachet of blue pills. He pops 3 pills into his mouth and sips some of the soda… He lights the tube up with a silver lighter and indulges himself in a few long drags. His eyes are fixed on the temple.

After a brief moment, he stands up slow and confident. He begins to take off every piece of clothing he has on, one after the other. He pulls out a black bodysuit from the bag and suits himself up placing the plastic bag in his chest. He zips up his suit and hits the pipe some more. With repeated deep breaths, he preps himself.

He saunters to the edge of the cliff and with a smile on his face, he looks down upon the harsh waters that surround the temple to keep it away from wanderers and intruders. They are uninviting. Without as much as a second glance, Bodè dives into the waters like an expert… Splish! He falls into the depths of the waters and beyond…



Pa James stands in the garden, his back faces the entrance as he stares away into the empty sky. His demeanor is calm and worrisome. He is trying to make sense of the situation in his home. “What is all this? What have I done wrong?” He asks aloud. “Betty, Betty,” He continues; tears well up in his eyes. “My beautiful Betty, you left me alone to sort this wicked world out all by myself. See now, I am confused. I’m lost without you my muse. They took you away from me; now everyone expects me to be the spiritual one when it was always you Betty,” he looks around the estate “You did all this Betty. You! And I never acknowledged any of it until you were taken from me… Oh Betty,” Pa James breaks down slowly. “Betty I miss you…” he sobs quietly until the sound of the ladder against the wall gets his attention. Pa James looks up to find Richmond climbing up into Mummy Betty’s bedroom through the back window; he is astonished. He does not move, he quietly watches him and bends his head to sob some more…



Sadé is in a world of her own. She takes her on a tour around the groove. “Is that an island?” Sadé asks, curious. “Yes, it is…” She replies. “Nice” Sadé wanders around excited; she never thought she would be so happy to see this part of her life. She allows her to wander away like a child.

Sadé stops herself right at the entrance of the pool, she is tempted to take a swim but anxiety would not let her. She does not like that and she shows it. “Does the water scare you?” She asks “No… not really.” Sadé stutters. “Then why do you stop yourself?” She asks.

Sadé’s palms begin to sweat, “I cannot swim” she lies. She is bent on giving Sadé her first lesson so she smiles. “It is bad enough that you limit yourself, why do you lie? Or are you just ignorant like Ràntí.”  She asks and Sadé’s face goes cold. She loses her smile. “You know Uncle Ràntí?” Sadé is frantic. She smiles “shhh, do not worry over nothing, rather prepare. Brace yourself for what is to come.” She says. Sadé cannot comprehend her advice. Before she can say jack, Bodè appears from the beneath the pool. Sadé steps back in shock… Classic Bodè, he triggers his manipulative side the moment he notices Sadé is more surprised than he is to find her. Always taking advantage of the situation.

“Oh, see my Chinese.” He says with a smirk on his face. He walks over to her; saying words to stir her insides with his every move. “You forget I am your one and only. Ehn? My baby, why?” Sadé is stunned, she takes a step back to avoid him. She is not ready to face him but she manages to keep a straight face. “Where you dey go?” He continues, “You are mine. You can’t run away from your fears. I own you Òrisadé mi, you forgot?” Hot steamy tears begin to well up in Sadé’s eyes, she says nothing… Bòdé’s confidence begins to rise. He allows himself gloat in pride. “You forget so easily my baby. You forget so quickly how it felt when you gave yourself to me?” She stops herself in her tracks and he strokes her face with his fingers, “You think you can take it away from me!” He asks. WHAM! Bodè lands a hot slap across her face and Sadé staggers a little. He deals her another one, she falls. She stands and he tries to hit her again; she blocks it. Infuriated, they engage in a brawl.

Surprised at her new strength, Bodè unzips his suit and unveils his plastic bag. Before he gets the chance to grab it, Sadé hits the bag away. Bodè looks at her with a different kind of rage in his eyes, he grabs her by her neck and pins her to the ground. Her throat hurts. She fights back, almost helplessly until a gunshot reverberates and gets the attention of the entire groove. GBAM! “Bodè, why don’t you like to pick on someone your size?” They turn around to find Uncle Ràntí sitting on a log of wood, shirtless. His 9mm in one hand and Bòdé’s plastic bag in the other. Sadé’s Joy knows no bounds…

Shadé #6


The silver rims on the white land cruiser blind the security detail, briefly, as he stands aside to allow the vehicle cruise well into the Browns’ estate. Wale stands at the entrance of the house to receive him.

Pa James alights, clad in a white garment. He is with a bag. Wale collects it; they head into the house. Some cleaning is going on here and there; “Good morning Father” drops by as they walk past a few servants. As they approach Pa James chambers, a loud scream alarms everyone. Quick, they turn in the direction where it seems to be coming from. Pa James arrives at the scene. A rotten stench fills the air. Everyone’s nose is covered with their palms. It is really bad… He makes his way forward; they make room for him to get through. Wale grabs the screaming Sheila by her shoulders and whispers “shhh! Be quiet!” The thick brown rug is covered in blood; Aunty Maggie’s body lay lifeless on the bed, in a pool of her own blood.

Swiftly, Pa James grabs a sheet from her wardrobe, covers her nakedness and steps back. He rests his back on the wall, his fingers hide the tears that well up in his eyes. The servants murmur a little, he raises his head to addresses them, “Everyone listen. Say nothing of this to anybody. No one must hear of this. Is that clear?” “Yes Sir.” They all chorus, one after the other. Confused and shaken, they leave the room.

Pa James instructs Wale, “Fetch my phone and bring it to the garden. Then empty the contents of that bag in the laundry. You hear?” Wale nods in response, his nose is covered. Pa James leaves the room and he follows after closely. He heads straight to the laundry, empties the brown Kangol hat, shirt and trousers. He keeps the bag away and heads to the living room to fetch the phone…


The feel of the earth underneath her feet gives her continuous chills. She does not understand it. She is mesmerized with nature in the grotto. The groove is beautiful and remarkably neat. A beautiful aquamarine pool sits in the middle of the groove. Sadé is tempted to go in for a swim but she stops herself repeatedly. She decides to have a brief talk with herself after what feels like 30 minutes. “Ah Sadé; All die Na die. If you die now, what difference will it make? You’ve been in this place 14 nights now. Brace yourself, this is inevitable so better face it…. punk ass.” She tries to relax.

Ever brave; she starts towards the pool. She drops her towel and notices a brightness rises out of the water. She is stuck at this point, she does not move. A beautiful light surrounds the pool bank and a beauty springs forth. The brightness of her skin. Her aura is overwhelming. Sadé is in awe. She has never felt so much warmth and peace all at once. She has witnessed this moment too many times in her dreams but this is nothing like in the dreams. “Come to me, my child. Do not be afraid…” She speaks but her lips do not move. Sadé musters all the courage in her and takes a step forward into a pool. Her boldness returns…

Freda cannot find her voice. Her tongue is stuck to the roof of her mouth. Ada, on the other hand, is extra calm. “What is wrong with this man?” She thinks… Young Sam does not blink; “I will not ask you this twice. Whose phone is this?” He asks pointing to the red chinko phone on his table. Freda manages to speak, “it is mine sir.” She replies. “Good.” He says, sarcastic. “And whose idea was it to make this recording?” He asks again. Freda replies “Mine Sir.” Head bent. “Beautiful.” He goes “You, where is your duty post?” He questions Ada this time. “Front desk Sir.” She replies calmly. He throws her another question “And you were by one of the rooms because…?” Ada replies counting her words “I was on my way to collect an envelope from one of the customers in Room 425, Sir.” Young Sam looks at her from head to toe and asks “And did you col-le-ct it?” emphasis on the word ‘collect’. Ada looks away, she manages a reply “Not yet Sir. I ran into her on my way.” Young Sam taps his pen on the desk, his patience, fast wearing out. He points his pen at Ada, “You know my problem with you?” brief pause “You’re always calm. Nothing scares you”. Both ladies remain quiet. “Fine.” He continues “Both of you turn around.” Freda speaks; knowing unpredictable Young Sam can be. “Sir, I am sorry?”… He shouts at them “You heard me! Turn around.” They hesitate for a few seconds and turn around slowly. “Come back here at 5:30 pm sharp. Is that understood?” He adds; “Yes sir” they chorus a response. Both ladies exit the office without saying a word to each other.


Ada knocks on the door of room 425 and Chief opens it. She looks to the left and right and walks in. “What took you so long?” He asks. “It’s Freda o.” Ada replies smiling “She has succeeded in putting us in trouble.” She is in a light mood. “What happened?” Chief asks. Ada laughs softly, “We were doing amèbo and we got caught.” She says. Chief makes a funny face “How?” He continues. Ada sits on the bed to explain. “Well, we were not at our duty posts when the supervisor found us that is one. Two, Freda recorded something hilarious with her phone and he listened to it. The funny thing is that the lady kept screaming Richmond oh Richmond….” Chief lets out a laugh. “Ada you ehn” She chuckles “hmmm, It is for the love of amèbo na; for the love of the gossip…” She smiles.

He shakes his head; “You this girl. Amèbo no go put you for trouble so?” He asks. She scoffs, “hmmm, till 5 pm before we can tell”. She says. “Wait o, on a more serious note is your supervisor about to take you away from our 5 O’clock plans?” Chief asks, enthusiastic. Ada stands “Noooo” she goes “I have to go home first. Tomorrow I’m off duty. So you will have me for about an hour today and all day tomorrow. Plus, you already know it cannot be here” She states, bold. He does not bother to pick an argument. “No wahala, madam. I’ll be here waiting for you.” Ada plants a rather affectionate kiss on his cheeks and picks up the tray on the table to leave. “See you soon.” She says. He smiles “See you soon baby.” He replies. She reminds him just as he opens the door “And don’t forget to bring my gift.” He nods…


Shadé #5


Nina pushes her palm into a side of the wall and a passage opens up. She urges Sadé to go in. Sadé is reluctant at first but she does. She is in awe at the scenery in this place; it is undoubtedly the most beautiful arcade she has ever pictured in plenty of her dreams. The marks and drawings on the wall seem like they are a part of one big story. Ever observant, Sadé looks up to find an aquarium in the ceiling, “Are we underwater?” She asks the tone of her voice, edgy. Nina replies with a soft laugh. “Hahaha that’s a first.” She says. Sadé is confused. “I don’t understand you.” She manages to reply as she tries to remain calm. Nina explains; “you are the 3rd person that has not said ‘Oh! Wow this is amazing…” seeing this for the first time.” She mimics the voice of a naive little girl and Sadé laughs a soft laugh. She is fully recovered and stronger.

Suddenly, her palms get sweaty. She can feel her so close it is uncomfortable. Sadé stops to question Nina; “What do I call you?” she asks. Nina smiles and looks away to response; “Nina”. Sadé asks another question. “What does your name mean?” “Shining Stone.” Nina answers. “Hmmm” Sadé thinks to herself; they continue walking. Nina continues “my duty is to shine the light and direct people like you on to your path.” Sadé throws her a questioning look, “You only shine the light?” She asks; nervous. Nina smiles an understanding smile “Yes, my dear. I only shine the light. It’s another’s duty to guide you.” She looks deep into Sadé’s eyes and continues to speak “I believe you two are quite familiar with each other already.” Sadé tries to hide her anxiety but her body gives her away; “Are you hot?” Nina asks, concerned. Sadé replies boldly, with a soft smile. “I am telling you. I’m sweating in places I can’t even describe…” Nina bursts out laughing, she didn’t see that reply coming.

They get to the end of the hallway and Nina stops, “Àdùkè mi, you will be fine on your own from here… she is waiting for you on the other side”. Sadé stops; her feet get cold immediately. Nina tries to soothe her fears. “Relax. There is no water behind these doors. Only surprises. Just be you. And remain confident no matter what.” Sadé nods and anxiously rubs her palms together. She walks close to the dark grey door, places her left hand on the knob and the feelings intensify within her in a way she has never felt it before. “Oh Lord give me strength…” She mutters to herself and pushes the door open. Her bare feet land on slightly moist but polished earth. The power surge that she feels in her body at this point is really strange and new. Sadé is mesmerized at the view in front of her. She tries to take it all in…


Young Sam pays valuable attention to his treasured beard. He combs it continuously in the mirror. His brown bow tie, sharp and well textured. The portrait view in the mirror complements his rather small frame. The 42 inches LED TV on the wall, displays live security feed from all the CCTV cameras in Hotel-X. The pace of his combing slowly reduces noticing a rather interesting detail on the TV, from the mirror. “You don’t say” he exclaims, in deep sarcasm. Smartly, he zooms into the disturbing feed. “Imagine. No just négodu…” with a hiss, he storms out of his office leaving his comb on his table.

The dark red lipstick runs slowly across Ivie’s lower lip. She gives the lips a little smack for emphasis. Her cleavage in the red dress is beyond amazing. She arranges her purse and stuffs 3 bundles of cash neatly into it. With a final look in the mirror, she grabs the blue card from the dressing table and lets herself out of Room 421. Right outside the door, she cannot help but notice the impressive but small man who walks briskly past her. He’s clad in a white short-sleeved shirt, blue straight chinos trousers, and bright yellow suspenders. The brown and textured bow tie, extra shiny black shoes and multi-colored socks throw her off course. He walks up to 2 of the hotel staff some meters away from her and begins to scolds them. Ivie finds this interesting, she stalls to listen in on the situation…

“I hope both of you have functional brains?” Young Sam lashes out at Ada and Freda. Both ladies are caught huddled in a corner, sharing earphones. “Yes?! Why wasn’t I invited to this meeting?” He asks. Freda shrieks in fear. Ada manages to keep her cool. “S-ss-siiirr” stutters Freda. Young Sam responds calmly “How about you unplug the earphones so we can all be amused together…. how about that?” Ivie finds this hilarious and stalls quietly to watch the drama unfold. She opens her purse and acts like she’s checking for something. “Do not push me, Freda!” He barks. Reluctantly, she hands him the phone. Young Sam unplugs the earphones and the red chinko phone screams, “ooooh Richmond please slow down… ooooh, aaaahhh please don’t stop…” Ivie’s purse drops in shock. It alerts Young Sam and his staff. Slowly, she bends, picks up her purse and strides out majestically…

Embarrassed, Young Sam hands the phone back to Freda. Shaking, she tries to put the phone off but it won’t go off. He speaks to her in a low tone “madam, don’t make me break that thing. Put it off! And see me in my office.” He walks away. “Both of you!” He reiterates loudly without looking back.

Shadé #4 R18

#4 [ꓣ18]

Qwik-queeeeakkk echoes in the hallway as things get really intense in Room 421. Even Freda cannot help but reduce her steps as she walks past the room; “Hmmmm Thank God for soundproof doors o. if not this people for taking noise to pursue everybody comot for this hotel…” she mutters to herself as she parks her trolley in front of Room 420. “Oooh-Aaah,  baby please, go easy, pleeease….” the pleas from the lady in the room excites Freda. She covers her mouth in excitement “Ada must hear dis…” She cannot seem to mind her business. She looks to her left and right, checking to see if anyone was coming. She pulls out her phone and activates the voice recorder, she places it on the floor beside the door, “for live coverage” she says to herself…

She pulls out the key to the room from her hip pocket, opens the door, and bends to grab a few towels and new toiletries. Half her body in the room, she uses the bucket to stop the door from shutting itself. She walks into Room 420 and a strong stench of Marijuana hits her hard. “Tamuno eh!” She exclaims and grabs her nose immediately “Na wa o! Na Rastafari’s lodge here?” she asks aloud. She helps herself to a bottle of liquid spray from the trolley outside and begins to spray it in the air…


Aunty Maggie grips the sheets in the heat of their lovemaking. She is fond of expressing her lust and satisfaction with words but Bòdé does not look impressed. All he wants is information on Sadé’s whereabouts, the dream he had last night was too real. ‘She could not have survived’; He is sure Aunty Maggie knows something and he plans to get it out of her. The look on his face is stern and manly. His cheekbones merge; strong and pronounced with every thrust. She is lost in her world of lust right now; even though she knows that all he wants is to come and get this over with.

“Oh Bòdé, please don’t stop! I’m yours forever…” Abrupt! He stops and stares at her for a few seconds. She feigns confusion. With a blank stare, he sets her straight; “if you do not stop talking nonsense, I’m off.” He says. She stares back at him and tries to suppress a smile. “I mean it!” He says. She looks the other way and rolls her eyes. Bòdé is taken aback; “did you just roll your eyes at me?” He asks. He lifts her up and turns her around to have her behind in his face, “you are about to be punished…” he informs her. She likes it when he gets like this, but this time, unknown to her, she is in for a surprise, THE SURPRISE OF HER LIFE…

The smile on her face disappears the moment she feels a cold metal against her neck. “Bòdé wh-what what is the meaning of this?” She stutters, he pulls her hair back to bring her in on the harsh reality of things… “I have had more than enough of YOU.” He says. “Bòdé put the knife down let’s talk.” she protests softly. “Shhhh, this is the way I want to talk!” He says; a cold smile on his face. “Ever since I can remember you have been telling me what to do. You fucked up my sex life Mag.” He pauses briefly; “I agree, you were hot then. But right now, the only thing that won’t stop me from killing you today is if you tell me what I want to know.” Aunty Maggie’s hands begin to shake uncontrollably. She is faced with her own creation, “Anything you want, is yours” She replies. “Good.” He smiles. He turns her around to look into her eyes then he asks “Where is Sadé?” Aunty Maggie’s face goes cold…


Sadé opens her eyes to the gold ceiling fan and white painted walls and ceiling. The fan blades chase each other slowly and she tries to understand where she is and what must have happened. She tries to turn her head and body when she realizes she cannot even move. She tries to raise her head to look around her. After 2 failed tries, she manages to lift her head, she is stuck. She notices a stranger’s eyes over her “You are awake…” she says with an encouraging smile, “relax and try not to move. I will be back shortly.”

The strange beauty leaves the room and returns shortly with Nina and a small white spot… Sadé is in awe. She watches Nina empty the contents of the pot all around her ‘bed’. Immediately the glue begins to melt. Sadé feels a tingling reaction all over her body as the entire ice bed melts away. She falls to the ground and realizes there are other people in the room; 3 girls and 2 young men. She is in awe. The strange girl offers her a white towel; “You will need this.” She says. Just then. Sadé realizes she is completely nude. “Seriously?!” She exclaims and covers herself up quickly with the renewed strength of a 15-year-old…

“What is this place?” Sadé asks Nina. “The answer to your question is outside these walls. Come with me” Nina replies and offers her hand to Sadé with a smile. Reluctantly Sadé takes it and Nina smiles. She leads her towards the door…


The front desk is busy as Pa James signs out of the hotel. His hat barely shows his face. He exits the hotel and enters into the passenger side of the yellow and black painted rickety taxi parked outside. After a few seconds, the taxi drives out of the hotel and onto the highway without raising any suspicions.

Freda exits room 420 and bumps into Ada in the hallway. Ada asks, “Where have you been? I have called your phone twice now.” Freda smiles. She picks up her phone gently to respond; “hmmm my sister, what my ears have seen and heard today ehn. God help us…” Ada is confused, “Freda, what are you talking about?” She asks. Freda decides to show off “I don’t have the strength to talk. I go play am for you…” She replies. Ada laughs “Radio Africa! Wonderful! Please I want to hear o.” Freda pulls her away to play the recording, the trolley is still stationed in front of Room 420…



Shadé #3


The black Prado Jeep pulls up in front of an abandoned building deep in the woods; an old temple with grey brick walls surrounded by trees and overgrown wall leave. The entire place is covered in cobwebs; Sadé cannot help but wonder how many rituals must have gone down here. She does not like this place.

A bird flies out over her head; she shrieks in fear and ducks to let it fly past. Uncle Ràntí looks straight ahead and around the area. He leads her up the short stairs, “Uncle, where are we?” she asks. His reply “Saint Black’s temple”… Just then, a butt of freshly smoked cigarette drops in front of them. He raises a finger to his lips to shut her up. Swift, He looks around but finds no one; still, he can tell they are not alone. “Stay close, we have company.” He whispers and pulls out his silver 9mm…

Fffwwwwiiiiiiissshhh, a strange wind rushes towards Sadé’s ears. Alert, she moves back in time to save her face from Nina’s blade. The gold blade goes straight into the wall and gets stuck. It shines into Sadé’s eyes. Uncle Ràntí rushes to her side and pulls her by the arm, “stay down but close. Can you do that?” She nods slowly and grumbles on their way up the old staircases, “I hate this new fear of sharp metal. I never had that fear before.” She can feel another’s eyes on her but she cannot see whom or tell where the coward watches from so she says nothing. Uncle Ràntí drops his head to hide a short smile “hahahahaha, you never see anything. Do you not know that something must kill a man/woman?” He says. Sadé is getting weak and her reserved nature wouldn’t even allow her to talk easily, “You know, I had wanted to see if he would do it you know… I was not sure he would” she chooses her words and he decides to probe “did he clear your doubts?” He is being sarcastic. “Why do you want us to have this conversation now Bros?” She asks; “Because now is the best time… we can still talk now at least. I’m sure you know knives don’t fly on their own…” he explains the reality to her with a parable. She smiles, “They have started to kill for no reason. I am not sure if it is boredom or drugs. Truth is I do not know what to think. I had to step up and say something. I’m afraid he will lose it and go wild…” Sadé counts her words…

He remains quiet and she continues. “He said I could not tell him what to do. I threatened to back out and he pulled out a dagger on me. It was like nothing I have ever seen, pitch black. Pure black steel all over, as in, even the details were made with black steel or sprayed black I don’t know.” He cuts her “Black gold.” He says, she repeats after him “Okay, black gold? Wow… no wonder, it had a glow to it.” They approach a small brown door. He remains quiet and she continues, “Richmond and Priyé held me down, he flashed the knife in my face and told me this would be the end of me. I told him he knew he could not and he said he would do it twice.” She reduces her pace to match Uncle Ràntí’s. “Hmm, and he did?” He asks in rhetoric, “Richmond told me about the knife yesterday evening.” She continues, “Now, we are even” she does not see the next question coming. “Where una see to discuss for day time? Have the rules changed in Pa James mansion?” Uncle Ràntí probes on and she goes numb. She feigns tiredness to dodge the question “Ah, this steps dey turn me eye o…” she says and he smiles.

Few steps away from the door, Uncle Ràntí stops. He points his index finger down and Sadé goes flat on the ground ignoring the cut. There is absolute silence all around. “There’s 2 of them, can you feel them?” she whispers. Uncle Ràntí’s yells, “COWARD! SHOW YOURSELF”. They wait for a few seconds, nothing… From different corners, tiny knives are expertly thrown at them “Stay down.” He orders. They hide and the knives fall bluntly to the ground. Uncle Ràntí fires three shots in the dark; at the direction where some of the knives chose to fly out from. Gbooommm; a heavy thud lands on the road.

Sadé’s eyes follow the falling specks of dust to behold a woman covered in an aqua-marine cloak. She has got the swag of a goddess. A white mask covers her nose and mouth leaving just her eyes and ears open. She looks at Uncle Ràntí with vengeance in her eyes. He fires another shot at her, she escapes. With very little effort, she runs wild along the walls, jumping with every stride. In less than 30 seconds, she stands in front of him, her blade shines inches away from his throat. He is stunned. They stare at each other for a little while before he summons the courage to say “hi stranger…” He says. “Hi?” She asks, her mask does not move “Something is clearly wrong with you” she says. Uncle Ràntí takes some steps back and bumps into Sadé. Sadé tries to stay down but she cannot help herself. She tries to survey the situation of things.

She looks up to find herself looking into the loveliest aquamarine eyes she has ever seen both in pictures and in real life. The strange eyes bear down on her, she tries to move or speak but she cannot…

“Please Bòdé, I beg you with God….” slush goes the dagger. Bòdé slices her throat in one swift move. The lifeless body of the shawty drops to the ground, blood gushes in uncontrollable pumps and Bòdé feasts on the fear of the 3 other shawties. It is time for judgment and Prince Bòdé is dishing them out… “Which kind wahala pesin enta so?” Richmond thinks aloud as he arranges the body bags. “It is the night of the full moon.” Bòdé addresses them; “Saint Black’s movement is not for the weak. Tonight he shall feast on the fears of the weak. Our voices must not only be heard but also felt. Emphasis on F-E-L-T…” He walks over to the second victim and something strange happens, He looks into her face closely and his hand begins to shake. He is shaking. He steps back and rubs his eyes gently, they look vulnerable. Suddenly, the dagger drops to the ground.  It is almost like he just got possessed with something; he picks the dagger up and brings it close to her face, she stiffens. Trembling, she doesn’t say a word. He raises the dagger high up in the air, the girl shuts her eyes to await death’s blow. Lightning strikes. Bòdé stops himself mid-air, he notices the silhouette of a man sitting on the rocks, the rest of the 5 wonders what is going on. Together they look in the direction of the rocks. They also see the silhouette. The entire garden begins to panic, quietly…


Nina takes off her cloak to cover Sadé “Relax. My name is Nina, I’m the Guardian of this temple. I can see your pain but I don’t trust your guide. However, let us see what we can do for you shall we…”  Uncle Ràntí’s hands are held down by impressively strong hands, invisible hands across the room in the middle of what looks like an altar. He cannot see them but he can feel them… Nina takes Sadé by the hand and minutes later, Sadé finds herself at one corner of another inner room, motionless. She is mesmerized; “What is going on?” She thinks aloud. The altar in front of her has 4 short and fat pillars, one could mistake them for chairs. She has been here before, in one of her dreams. She remembers vividly, but that particular dream did not end well…

The most beautiful lady Sadé has ever seen in all of her life, walks up to the altar and stands in front of her. Sadé is motionless what is this happening?… the beautiful one raises one hand to her shoulder to undress herself, the gown drops and her beauty is revealed to the 6; Nina, Sadé, Uncle Ràntí and the 3 guards by the door…  Hmmm, Sadé is in for a show…

Shadé #2


Hail Mary full of Grace the Lord is with you. Blessed art though amongst women and blessed is the fruit of thy womb…” Mummy Betty’s soft, authoritative and ever-sweet voice plays in Sadé’s head as she tiptoes down the hallway; careful not to wake Pa James and the other girls.  At the far end of the hallway, she lets herself into Mummy Betty’s bedroom. The door is slightly open; just the way she left it. The golden doorknob is covered in dust specks, nothing is out of place.

She shuts the door gently behind her and turns on the lights. The bedroom is just the way it used to be, except that it is dustier these days. Aunty Maggie always says Pa James left it that way because of them. The black rosary glows on the dressing table; Sadé bends to grab the rosary and flinches in discomfort. It has been 3 days now and the wound has refused to heal. She raises her blouse to examine it in the dressing mirror; it is worse, it seems to be spreading “Na wa o Kai! And it feels hot…” she tries to touch it but it is so painful, she stops. She hears a soft tap on the bathroom door and panics. She drops her top almost immediately, “I would get that checked out if I were you”.

Stunned, she turns her head to find Richmond’s back against the bathroom door. He steps forward, she takes a few steps back. “Relax sister. If I did not want you to find me I would have remained quiet” He stretches his hand “Stay, please” She manages to whisper a response, “What are you doing in this part of the house?” She asks. He scoffs, “I come here regularly dear; it is my happy place… Sadé realizes she has been mean to him since their God-mother. Mummy Betty passed. “You miss her too don’t you?” she asks. “Much more than words can describe” he replies.

He points to her wound, “Did he cut you or stab you?” he asks. She stares at him, shocked. Sarcastic, she replies “did you not hold my hands down while he did it. Leave me Abeg…” He laughs, “Kai if I tell you say I no dey remember most things wey dey happen; try to believe me o, please.” A brief pause, “But did you really snitch on us, Sadé?” He asks. She lies, “I did not snitch Richie, I swear…” she says. He shakes his head slowly and smiles “Why would daddy say you said something to him then?” She has no more answers for him, she looks away “I think I should go to bed…” is all she can come up with. He stops her, serious, “See, based on that cut, you have approximately 48 hours before you drop sha.”What are you saying?” Sadé asks. “The knife Sadé. It is poisoned, I’m even surprised you are still standing.” He reveals. Confused, she asks; “So, should I get to the hospital?”. “Nope,” He goes, “you should get to Uncle Ràntí. He is the only one who can help you out. Just let him know it was Saint Black’s dagger, he will know what to do.” He looks outside the window. Sadé continues, “Otherwise what happens to me?”.Otherwise you die!” He goes “That is why I revealed this to you. But worry not; your secret is safe with me as long as you protect mine. Goodnight Smallie…” with that, he opens the window and escapes, quietly. Sadé is alone with her thoughts, “Saint Black’s dagger; was that why it was so cold?” She leans against the wall, deep in thought…


Aunty Maggie is very uncomfortable, she can hardly breathe and Bòdé leaves her no choice. She reaches for the stout bottle. KPRASH! goes the bottle; she brings it down hard on Bòdé’s shiny head. He staggers back in shock. She flashes the sharp ends at him “Ahn Ahn, you wan kill me Bòdé?” She rubs her neck, out of breath. “See Maggie, if you like shoot me, e no go enter, no worry yourself… Save yourself the stress and just tell me where she is…” Maggie looks helplessly at him, “how you want me to know, when you know say I no even know time wen she move…” he stares, unconvinced, so she continues “you funny o, you know ba?” Bòdé seems angry, “What do you mean by that?” he asks.

She smiles at him and moves close enough to rub her huge breasts against his arm “you forget say na me and you dey that Sunday morning?  Wey you lie give daddy say your sutana, iron burn am…” “Enough!” He stops her, walks over to the mirror and stands in front of it. He cannot remember anything.

He pulls out a stick of cigarette from the pack on the table and helps himself to a lighter to set fire to his smoke. He stands in front of her in all of his manliness. Maggie cannot help but lust after this young man; “Which kind one chance pesin come enta so Olorun?” She thinks to herself, he cuts her thoughts short, “Find out anything and everything you can, I’ll be back in the morning. I do not want yeye excuses” She throws him a mock salute, “yes Sah!” He burns out his smoke and walks into the bathroom to wash her off him


Esther’s head drops slowly in the middle of the morning devotion. Uncle Ràntí slaps her from behind and the pitch of her voice rises “as it was in the beginning, is now and forever shall be, a world without end. Amen!” She recites the wrong prayer. Uncle Ràntí and the other children laugh aloud; except Nji. She rolls her eyes at her husband and wraps up the morning devotion with the final Hail MaryHail Mary, full of grace the Lord is with you, blessed are you among women…” the whole family choruses in response “Holy Mary, mother of God, pray for us sinners now and on the hour of our death, Amen.” She raises her black rosary to her lips, plants a kiss on it and does the sign of the cross alongside her 4 children and Uncle Ràntí. Sadé is far away in the dream world…

The family declares the end of the prayer and Uncle Ràntí shouts “Glory to Jesus!” expecting the usual ‘honor to Mary’ reply from his niece, he gets nothing. Nji claps her hands together mockingly; “You see your life. You dey slap my pikin meanwhile your sister dey here dey snore peacefully…” He walks over to Sadé’s kneeling spot, he knows something is not right. Nji continues to rant, “I’ve told you, stop hitting my children! I don’t like it o Ràntí, I’m saying it now” she scolds her husband in front of the children and he rebukes her, “Njideka, they are my children too and I love them with my soul. Do not tell me how to raise my children! Madam, Abeg! Disrespecting me in front of MY kids.” She drops a short hiss.

He looks down at Sadé, her head rests on her folded arms, she is still fast asleep. He lands a hot slap on her back, “Yeh!!” screams Sadé. The children laugh out really hard. Uncle Ràntí barks “my friend will you stand up there!? Making me quarrel with my wife!” She turns her head around slowly, “What heavy work did you do between last night and this morning that you are lazy like this? abi nkà n sé è ni?” (Translates- or is something wrong with you?”) Nji tries to hide a smile. Sadé looks at her big brother with a tiny spark of pain in her eyes “Ah! Uncle, the journey was long now...” She protests. “Which kind long? Since when?” He asks “Osun to Port Harcourt, how many hours? My friend; stand up for me joor…” she struggles to stand.

Nji notices the bloodstain on her blouse; “Sadé, where is that blood coming from?” she asks, Sadé tries to hide. Nji pulls her close and lifts her blouse to check out the bleeding for herself before she can getaway. Sadé’s jaw drops; her hands quickly check to see if her breasts are at least properly covered. Nji slaps her hands away. Her eyes show fear at what she has just seen but her hands maintain the composure of a professional nurse.

Carefully, she removes the blood-stained plasters and bandages. “Jay! Get the kit for me” Nji calls. Ràntí leads the other children out of the living room to get them ready for school. “Soldiers, forward match! Time to get ready for school. Jay, get the kit for your mummy.” Nji removes all of the bandages, she is in shock. There are a few green-ish pores inside the wound…

Her 15-year-old Jay comes out with the kit and some information “Mummy, I think there’s somebody in the…” too young to comport himself; he screams at the sight of Sadé’s wounds and drops the kit on to the ground. Uncle Ràntí rushes out to see what the problem is. He turns him around and holds him still “young man, man up my friend! You don’t run away from your fears, you face them. That’s how to be a man. Stand here look am, e no dey kill you. Look am!” The young man tries to look, he is disgusted at it, he shakes his head and Uncle Ràntí allows him to run off.

What happened to you, young lady?” Nji asks, “Saint Black’s dagger” Sadé replies, “Bòdé stabbed me. Uncle Ràntí is calm, “Who told you about the knife?” He asks, “Richmond”. She replies. “I see, so na in-house…” he says unsurprised. Nji is struck “like say una dey go church now, shebi I for say make you do novena now,” she says. Sadé smiles. Uncle Ràntí leaves the room and reappears with a bag and a blanket. He throws the blanket at Sadé. She tries to catch it but she is in severe pain. Uncle Ràntí sounds authoritative, “cover yourself with that and follow me. Babe, I will see you later. The cards are in the top drawer babe…Nji replies to him “okay, stay safe…” “Alright baby” They kiss goodbye. She stands by the curtain and watches them leave. “Chai, God help this man not to traumatize my children for me o. biko…” (Biko translates- please)

Shadé #1


Dry leaves rustle under Pa James’s feet as he approaches the garden in slow, calculated steps. He grips the machete in his right hand tighter, ready to strike. Some quick movements are heard close by “Who goes there?!” he yells; everywhere goes really quiet. Frantically, he points his torchlight in different corners of the garden to check, he sees nothing. His breathing, ragged yet slow…

Slowly, he continues towards the garden. He raises his left elbow to wipe tiny beads of sweat off his forehead, the moonlight beams upon him.  Noiselessly, he feels a strong masculine grip on his shoulder. Pa James shrieks in fear; he swings his machete carelessly in the air…“Yeh! Yeh!!!” he exclaims. Bòdé dodges swiftly with a laugh so soft and calm “Woah, Papa relax…” he says, “you could get yourself killed with that thing Sir” Bòdé’s familiar voice calms the old man. And Pa James places both hands on his knees in relief “Ah! I was hearing strange voices coming from here. What are you doing out here this late Bòdé?” He asks, suspicious. Bòdé smiles, “Meditating. I have some things on my mind Sir.” He says, “hmmm” goes Pa James “I see…” Bòdé places his right hand across the old man’s shoulders and gently spins him away from the garden into the main house with some small talk and a few fake laughs…

Sadé bends her head, disappointed. She didn’t think Pa James would fall for Bòdé so easily. “Just look at that, yet he finds it impossible to even believe me?”  She mutters to herself. She is in this mess because she spoke to him in the first place. Her exact words to Pa James replay in her head; “Daddy, some evil is going on in this house o; and more is about to go down. All I can say is, come to the garden at 2:40 a.m. tonight and see for yourself…” now she has failed. Her only brother will definitely proceed with this madness.

Sadé is worried about the bloodthirsty look in Bòdé’s eyes right before he cut her, she thinks to herself; “He did not even flinch… has he really crossed over to the other side? Could it be the drugs?” She tries to keep her emotions in check, but her nerves can’t take any more of this anger turned madness that Bòdé is becoming. Does he really believe this Saints movement, Or is he just bored? The sharp pain in her side makes her realize there is no time for this deep thinking here.

Blood continues to drip, she stiffens and tries to apply more pressure on the wound. She places her right hand over it for support, and tries to understand how things got this far. Richmond snaps her back to reality with his fingers; “Halloo!” he looks into her face, “Aunty never go far o, come back please, thank you…” She whimpers and bends to her side to show pain, “can I sit by the rocks?” She asks, nicely. Richmond takes pity on her, and leads her to the rocks beside the stream at The Browns’ magnificent Osun estate. “Sit here. You should feel better in a couple of minutes. Try to relax and breathe.” Richmond advises. Sadé nods and plans her escape. She moves slowly towards the edge of the rocks because the moment Bòdé returns, she can kiss all her dreams of escaping goodbye.

Behind her, the artificial stream flows steadily; the waters splash against the rocks, meters away from her Splish!  Splash! Splosh! While 5 Young, vibrant and ambitious men constantly look around the garden to ensure no one escapes. Men she called brothers. She moves quietly towards the edge of the rocks, leaving a blood trail, but they don’t even bother to notice her, their attentions are more focused on the other shawties huddled in a white circle…

Bòdé walks back to the garden with the charisma of a clergyman; always calm. One hand in his pocket, he flashes a cigarette in the other hand. His sinister aura is strong. Sadé locks eyes with him just as she gets to the edge of the rocks. He lets out a crooked smile; and a half-decayed front tooth. Their eyes speak to each other. “The look in his eyes will say all that is to be said…” Sadé thinks. After a few seconds, she drops herself off the edge. “Sadé!! Sadé! No!” Bòdé yells

SPLASH! goes the water as Sadé jumps in. Richmond and Divine also rush to the edge of the rock but it is too late. Bòdé follows them closely. Together, they watch her swim away underwater. Richmond attempts to take his shirt off but Bòdé stops him; “Leave her alone… No one can fight her in there“. He turns around and they follow him.The wound will kill her…” He says and smiles.

Underwater; Sadé glides swiftly, almost like she was never cut. She emerges at the connecting pool in front of the house.  She looks around the front and finds everyone half-dead in sleep. Aunty Maggie and the 3 other security guards appear to be dead-drunk. Like a pro, Sadé manages to get her hands into Aunty Maggie’s breast pocket. She picks out the bunch of keys and noiselessly lets herself into the house and up to her room.

She locks her bedroom door behind her and bolts the door up and down. She locks down all the windows and shuts the curtains before she takes her wet clothes off. She puts off all the lights for safety and heads into the bathroom to treat her wounds. The moon shines brightly on her, as usual, she is grateful for natures help. She looks herself in the mirror and all she can think of is Bòdé and his madness. “Ah, I have failed you, Mummy, I failed you… I’m sorry…” hot tears drop freely on her smooth cheeks…

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This is the post excerpt.

How many stories rise and set with the sun? Do strangers confide in you, and in your head you’re wondering, “why me?” but you sit to listen anyway. Now, you almost never forget stuff. So you have many stories in your head and you’re wondering “what do I do with them o?”


I finally made a decision. It took a near death experience to figure out; there’s no point hiding or waiting for the right time. After nights of deep thoughts and light sleep, my thoughts were;

 “You love to tell stories, then tell stories like you desire to Nne. Let the world hear your voice; as e be say to comot dey quick tire you…” 

“There’s no time again o” I think to myself, “The time is now!”. My passion to read, study, analyse and plan gets me going but, distractions and procrastination slow me down. Finally, with some discipline; I have started. I’m not going to lie, I’m anxious about this but I look forward to the hopeful adventures that come with it.

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